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    Rule A08

    I'm gonna keep this short because I know the people who cry about "freeze peach" in this community have a hard time reading long, nuanced, thought-out posts. I'm also not gonna sit here and waste my breath explaining my actual stance on this issue; I can see the writing on the wall and see where this community is going. If you are considering allowing people to use words like f*****, as long as it isn't harassment, then why stop at the gamer word? I am genuinely interested in what logic you are applying to this rule, that makes it so that the gamer word is banned, but all other slurs are okay. Because any explanation you come up with can either be dismissed with logic like Luciλ used or applied to other slurs which would signify their need to be banned. "Words are just words. People's feelings should not be taken into account. This is the internet. People are snowflakes. Free speech." Etc. etc. Either words have meaning and can hurt people, or they don't. There is no in-between.
  2. Don't be jealous you weren't there to join the fray, brave adventurer but worry not. More opportunities will arise soon
  3. Some really shoddy D&D material, but good material nonetheless
  4. I never even considered the possibility of a homemade version
  5. Gather round, as I tell yee the tale of Speedy, the Nimble, and Matt, the Meticulous. Two dear friends who, after learning of their differences in religious beliefs, felt it necessary to test their mettle deep in the Farbrook Woods. Matt, firm in his belief of the Shamrock Gods, faced the naysayer Speedy. Below are the details of their fateful duel.
  6. Phone 2, i took no damage hiding under some stairs
  7. Title is just a general example of what I'm talking about but here is more detail, I encountered this today and was surprised it isn't a rule. Let's set the scene: Lets say that a warden has the Ts walk over to a game of Jump rope, and this game is harmful (deals damage to Ts, can kill them.) Someone presses the button before Ts are ordered to enter the game. The game has already started (rope has begun spinning) and the warden orders the Ts to enter the game anyway. So here is the question: Should Wardens be allowed to order Ts to enter a harmful game that has already began? An example of how this can be problematic is similar to the scene I described earlier, but with a more nefarious tone. Lets say that I am the warden, and I start the jump rope game. I wait for it to start spinning very quickly, then I order the Ts to enter the game. This would probably cause most of them, if not all, to die from this game. Another example would be something like a harmful form of Colors (fall in water and it hurts you/kills you.) Colors has already started, Warden orders you to enter, and if you don't, you are delaying and can be killed. Just some food for thought, seems like a kind of niche thing that may not happen often. Just wanted some peoples thoughts on this. I am absolutely doing the sped up jump rope thing until this becomes a rule hello ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Kidding
  8. It's been pretty hectic out here, still no easily available toilet paper
  9. I'm gonna assume that's Red/Blue so here's your card bud!
  10. Sure thing man! What colors did you like the most when you played?
  11. Fantastic work my friend! Can't wait to see it on the server haha
  12. Just wanted an excuse to show off my new spray lmao let me know what ya'll think! I also take requests so if you want a custom card made lemme know k?
  13. Just wanted to make a post here for Indi, I already let him know in game. There's an issue with the domain name for the website, where trying to go to "" just causes a redirect to the host(?) website. "" works just fine, but it's good practice to also properly account for the "www." part in the DNS settings. Also, if ya'll need help with web administration and such, I can definitely help out. Thnx, luv ya
  14. I'm using the Logitech G305. It's a pretty lightweight wireless mouse. I know that wireless mice have a bad rep but this one has really good DPI and great battery life