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  1. I hear good thing about some "kawongko" guy! My top 3 would be Fred, nightmare, and <><. I will never understand how Fred's mind works, Nightmare is chill when being warden, and <>< does the hippity and the hoppity like no one else.
  2. Ignore noob, he is broke. Use one of these
  3. I agree with what most people here are saying. Find something to take your mind away from the issue, like a hobby or a friend. We all go through hard times, but we have to learn to make the best of what situation you're in. Just make sure how you choose to deal with it is not toxic towards you or others.
  4. Kcwonko

    NoBlock & Jailbreak

    I have played many servers for years with no block, I would say keep block on in my opinion as it adds fun with colours for an example and we would always have wub for games that you need no block. I can understand how restarting all the time can be annoying but right now it seems like the only way to keep block as an option. I have moderated servers with no block and it can be a shit show if someone rebels in a stack, getting someone else freekilled and this usually resulted in us giving out a "freeday" the next round. I am interested to see how the meatshield rule would work if noblock was on as i have never really seen that rule and feel like "mic delay" would be an issue.
  5. Dumpster is invisible and the bomb model is invisible when you are moving
  6. Kcwonko

    Favorite movie

    Goonies or happy gilmore
  7. Have you road raged or been road raged apon? I guess this thread is to tell your story. I'm sure we have all been part of some sort of road rage incident Whether or not we were driving. This is one of the sketchier ones I have been part of especially because it happened near the end of winter. Long story short we didn't like each others driving up to this happening and after he continued to follow me to the bar where I had at least 15 people waiting for me. My girlfriend ran in the bar scared and I got out to ask him what his problem was. After a talk we both agreed we acted like babies, smoked a blunt, shook hand and went our separate ways. The situation took a complete 180 from where I thought it was going. It took me awhile to learn but next time you get upset on the road be the bigger man and let it go, it could end up really bad from little to nothing.
  8. I feel like spawn camping and spawning in armoury would be an issue
  9. I don't remember my dreams my lady says I talk a lot when I sleep and she can have conversations with me xD
  10. Hi my name is Kyler. I am Canadian....eh. I have Played jailbreak since 2009 and was part of communities such as UC,JO, STG, and EoG before it became CGN. I usually play css, rust, or csgo as my mains. It's nice to meet the new jailbreak community and bump into some of my old clan mates on the GP servers. Thank you for not letting jailbreak die!
  11. genesis coupe, rwd is fun in winter
  12. I thought we agreed we were gonna get blitz! Traitor!
  13. I assume you do not smoke marijuana? In short sativa is a head high and indica gives you a body high.