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  1. Currently Playing Kirby super star and Super Mario RPG at the moment!
  2. The Mike Wazowski ones Are not that bad!
  3. Guess I will hop on the band wagon! 1st Track is from Capcom vs SNK 2 2nd Track is from Banjo-Kazooie 3rd Track is from Fatal Fury Special
  4. One time in 10th grade we were all playing kickball at recess and one of my best friends manage to kicked the ball all the way over to the other side and over a large fence Then it was time to go back in and so he decides to try and get the ball and like 20 of us were watching him meanwhile the teachers are trying to call everyone back in He gets on top of the fence try to jump and slips and fall ass first on 2 trash cans and his pants ripped And we all just starting LMFAOing and Because of him everyone outside at the time had to say in for the rest of the week! The End!
  5. Super Mario 64 and Sunshine were My favorite games as a child!
  6. 3rd Metroid 2nd Kirby and #1 Earthbound!
  7. I will be gone for about weak I'm going to visit my sister at broad inn Madrid Spain! I will still be on discord tho and I will try to take some pics See you all Sunday November 10th!
  8. I'm heading up to upstate New York for a film festival so I won't be on maybe until Sunday see you all then!
  9. My favorite is the MegaMan series it has such good gameplay and the music is just god like! MegaMan also has been with me since early childhood if u wanna get into the series try megaman x or megaman 2 first! That not all the MegaMan Games I own until the pic btw!
  10. GP Members i present to you the best topic!
  11. My favorite Sonic Character!
  12. Post pics of BK here If you want!