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  1. I'm heading up to upstate New York for a film festival so I won't be on maybe until Sunday see you all then!
  2. My favorite is the MegaMan series it has such good gameplay and the music is just god like! MegaMan also has been with me since early childhood if u wanna get into the series try megaman x or megaman 2 first! That not all the MegaMan Games I own until the pic btw!
  3. GP Members i present to you the best topic!
  4. My favorite Sonic Character!
  5. Post pics of BK here If you want!
  6. To put this in short Last night power went out for a few seconds Come back on turn in PC shots down after a few seconds Try again nothing Open it up blow in it to get dust out smoke comes out Sooo I need to get it repair plus I'm going away for the weekend but i will be able to attend the meeting Saturday! Just wanted to let you know!
  7. If your looking for a Hard game to play I suggest Battletoads!
  8. Kirby

    How's life?

    my life is Going fine Got a job, playing some Smash Ultimate and jailbreak!
  9. Kirby

    Other games

    Earthbound is one of my favorite games of all time even got the cart and players guide! i Also cosplay as Ness alot!
  10. Currently rewatching Eric andre show And the 87 TMNT cartoon!
  11. Kirby

    Best game ever

    Im a master at Megaman The Power Battle! here is my score and time Filled my name up to the top 5!
  12. Mine is Orange Cause it smells likes oranges and i like OJ