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  1. ADΛM

    Mod+ Meeting

    Can't make it, working during that time. Sorry
  2. could you make me a spray please? i like your work, super funny stuff
  3. ADΛM

    I need fred

    Some of you know I'm making a video, for a particular section of it, it is entirely favoritism. I find FURIOU$FRED hilarious. I want to make a section-dedicated to FURIOU$FRED clips. Anything goes. I already have 9 clips, but only about 4 or 5 of them are really funny. if you have a clip of Fred, upload it to YT, and then paste the link in this forum, ill take care of the rest. Thanks in advance if you help me!!
  4. i got too many goodies to show, but here's a couple of good ones
  5. -You don't need to have a great mic to be CT, i didn't say that, this also goes for people who are generally good at CT -Ts lying could be regulated by the moderators or staff present on the server @Chaos Boss My point was that unclear directions or misheard directions can sometimes come from poor mic quality, and this results in borderline spam of "repeats" in chat. I want to avoid this more often but i see your general point. I admit I was unaware that there was a system was already in place and realize that Nation has a perfect point, why change this system if a better one is already in place. I honestly feel pretty dumb for not realizing this could be already a thing so I feel no further discussion is needed. I fully agree with Nation and apologize for proposing a new idea when this is clearly a better option.
  6. I can sometimes find myself listening to a warden with a garbage mic. This can lead to difficult orders and a lot of "repeat? REPEAT?? WHY WAS I FREEKILLED WTF!!1!" in the chat. I want to discuss the option of having these scenarios avoided by having CTs that have poor mic quality to be voted off of being warden or even being CT, by the T team or by a moderator online. I am for this, because it can lead to difficulty and unecessary tedious errors and unexpected kills (although unexpected kills aren't necessarily against the rules at all, it leads to the "wtf why was I freekilled hello???" in chat and people end up raging because they couldn't hear orders properly). I propose that wardens that have poor mic quality could potentially be voted off of being warden for a map or two because of the poor quality and difficulty in understanding them. this could be regulated/managed by any moderators or higher staff online at the time. I would like to hear other opinions on this particular subject.
  7. This is a reply to NOFD | Who Dat Nations' post. I also think that pardons could be removed. I don't see the harm in removing it and I feel like typing a rebeller would like to rebel to the end of the game so the point of pardons kinda slow that down. Why would a T with a gun want to submit to a CT so that they could increase their own odds of dying by a high majority when they can just point and click to win the round? I don't see the harm in removing pardons. A good point also mentioned was that it creates a sense of favoritism, which is poor sportsmanship in general.
  8. I believe AFK checks are a totally viable and respectful way of letting know players are about to be killed if they don't participate. Giving the Ts a proper AFK check is a respectful way of asking them to participate in the game. If they don't move or respond within 3 seconds then shooty shoot is fair game. But giving them a chance to move around at the start of a round is respectful, and if you don't warn, I could be wrong, but I believe it is a CT slay for a CT that fails to properly warn a player of a AFK check countdown. So its common sense to play respectfully, and besides, sometimes (although rarely) those actually get people to start moving to progress the round.
  9. You have a good point, there aren't enough complaints about this and tbh, I don't have this issue often either (but it does happen). I do agree that as a T I feel less inclined to follow orders if they are typing, but in your post, I don't really see much of a disagreement. Would you say that if there were more requests of this particular rule, then it could be implemented? (I'm not gonna go out asking people to complain, I'm genuinely just wondering if the lack of requests is the only thing preventing a rule implementation because it sounds like you are agreeing with me) And i think that if All the CTs had mics, they could manage the rest of the round well. or at least they could try to manage. I guess you're right if they just lose all the other Cts that had mics, and it becomes a 2v5 or a 1v5 for example, the 2 and the 1 being a CT that has no mic, the round pretty much just ends.
  10. ADΛM

    stupid ratios!

    I totally agree. I wouldn't mind having a small guide (post) that explains the best way to be a good warden. If there was a confident warden that would encourage CTs to play better the ratio would be healthy. If there is already a post on that specifically lmk but since I don't know much about being a great warden (I'm ok but I don't know everything about being warden) I want to ask a mod or someone who plays warden well - to make a post, don't know who to @ though... Unless there's already a post on that then nevermind
  11. AY BRUH that was back on egn and I served my sentence of like 7 months, chill you out here trying to make me look bad
  12. ADΛM

    stupid ratios!

    But I guess this was just a poor night. Ratio was fucked for 4 maps straight until some people actually joined CT or until the entire number of CTs and Ts dwindled. I just feel like MAYBE the "asking" people to join CT could use a little modifying. Losing 10 rounds in a row for a couple maps straight (an exaggeration, but a little one) as a CT isn't very encouraging as a 4v20. Althought this isn't a constant issue, i want to discuss other methods that could be used to encourage players to join CT in these scenarios. Also i want to make it very clear, whether or not the mods were there, the ratio was still fucked. im not blaming the mods that were present, that was a poor screenshot on my part. Point is, ratio was major fucked, wishing there was some other encouraging methods to join CTs OTHER THAN politely asking Ts to join with the "Cts are hiring" phrase because as far as I know, thats the only method in place