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  1. i think gamepunch booty shorts
  2. I like sea salt and vinegar chips
  3. I would just like to second this post
  4. I agree with deedlebag most people think that I am a troll and indi even said I was never serious which greatly discredits any input I have. But the fact that I am taking time to make a forum post should give me some credit. Look even if I am a troll who has been banned in the past then why would I want the word faggot to be banned. I honestly care about this topic and I have spoke to staff about this before, if you allow one slur you have to allow them all or you will have to remove them all. Already the job of staff is too much for them to handle and get everything done. Why are a bunch of straight white people the arbiters of who and what is allowed and what isn't? It doesn't make any sense to me. Look just ban the word so the staff can have an easy time and be allowed to ban people. Like why defend homophobia while defending against racism? Just make fag bannable easy your mods to enforce not this subjective rule did they call their friend a fag etc.
  5. Good riddance chaos boss's death grip on the head admin position have released ding dong the wicked witch is dead! JK. .... ..... Chaos it will be so hard to fill your role but I watched your grind and saw how you were able to rise in such a short amount of time. You inspire me thats why i will promise to be the very best and contribute the utmost work into the gamepunch community. As your prodigy i will begin by becoming member then mod then admin all in your name chaos you can bring about this sheer passion in peoplle that makes me work llike no one else. I will always miss playing with you especially in the days roast days were still alllowed. I vow to become the next owner because of you choas bsso.
  6. Wow powerstroke we have been steam friends since before you were a mod. It is very nice to see you changing the focus of your life and staying on top of your goals and relationships. All I can do is wish you the very best in all your affairs as you have given so much time and effort into making my experience great on css. There is no one like you power stroke.
  7. Yooo I really need to get a new mic my xlr mic broke but i still got the focursite interface the scarlett 2i2 i think.
  8. What would you add to your spray? I still have default spray so i would want to think of some ideas.
  9. If there is good sauce that makes the whole difference. Places with good sauce dont even need toppings.
  10. Mario my favorite pizza flavor us black olive and mushroom
  11. I have been hanging around gp for a while and wanted to introduce myself. Hey everyone I love css and jb especially opinion days