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  1. I like to long Board and practice my shot with my pellet rifle (much cheaper and don’t have to clean it) and about the same speed as a bullet but a bit slower...
  2. Bro this actually made me get a little teary man ngl... no cap on god xD Naw but fr Chaos, you're one helluva man and I'm so proud of you and watched you go from Mod to Staff in what seemed like a blink of an eye. You even inspired me to become mod and see what hard work can really do when you put in the time and want to give the community your all. You will go down in the books in GP as one of the most well rounded players and you will be deeply missed! I hope you'll make a return to staff and I already can't wait for that day man. I don't know what you got going on in your life but we're always here for you bro, I'm always here if you need to vent or need advice, I'll try to give you my best input. GP will still be here for when you feel like you're ready for your return bro! Stay safe, stay humble and remember, stay pimpin!
  3. Spud

    Taunt Suggestions

    Saliva “click click boom” if it isn’t already “THIS IS SPARTA” from 300 if it isn’t already “my name is Jeff” if it isn’t already the “WHAT THE FUCK *explosion*” (commonly found on TTT servers as a jihad bomb sound)
  4. I like that name lol, maybe ScoobsTheDoobs haha
  5. Spud


    I always tip based on service. If I only get one check up then it’s gonna be a low tip, but if they’re consistently checking up on me and asking how the food is and such and have a friendly demeanor about them then a bigger tip. back in the day when I actually made money I would sometimes match the bill and leave a 100% tip especially if the waitress was cute
  6. Spud


    Never knew hand poked tattoos were a thing until now! Neat! Welcome to the community and hope you enjoy your time here. Any questions let me know on discord or you can message a staff member here on the forums! See y around!
  7. Spud

    Carbs Done

    Good luck with your company carb! We’ll hold down the fort from here so no worries! Hope to see you on from time to time
  8. Welcome! Hope to play with you some more and to get to know you more!
  9. I will sign up cause it cost me 60 bucks
  10. Will there be a Q&A thread?
  11. Dude nearly gave me a heart attack
  12. pm me on discord or post here any mp3s or Youtube url links that you would like to see added to my new map called jb_underground which if I can get it working properly will feature an underground disco. it can be anything ranging from 2-5 second mp3 sounds to full songs. Serious entries only please