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  1. Spud

    9mm vs .45

    Unless bears are a problem in your area... I'd carry 9mm all day. Already listed the main reasons above.
  2. Spud

    Worst fights!

    So I was getting my shit rocked for a solid minute before he puts me in a head lock and drops back, my head broke our fall... I was able to scramble my way on top and pushed his head against the floor sideways and had my hand cocked back ready to hit him in the temple but luckily someone pulled me off cause if i hit him hard enough I probably would've killed him anyway... got 4 staples put in my head above my forehead. this was after basic training during AiT lol
  3. If sushi is shit then call me the scat man
  4. Is this the request thread? I'd like a new spray, something about potatoes and how awesome they are. edit: Also great work! 100/10!
  5. iphone 6 ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
  6. Spud

    Public Apology

    Everyone... this post was meant to be an apology and most of you are ruining it by stirring the pot.
  7. Spud

    Public Apology

    I was in my cell at the beginning of the round and I jokingly asked for a pardon. The warden runs over and asked what did I do, and I said I been a bad boy I’m in jail. He asked what did I do to get in jail and after a brief thought trying to think of something funny that joke came out. I get it was insensitive and wrong to joke about it cause it’s a serious topic. I’m not trying to make an excuse on why I said it just explaining the context
  8. Spud

    Safari button bug

    I had an iPhone X but it got ran over so I got my dads old phone... also what am I bill fucking gates
  9. Spud

    Public Apology

    As some of you know tonight I made a joke about "She said she was 18." Some took offence to it and said I shouldn't joke about things like that. I honestly couldn't think of a reason to the question I was asked and that was the first answer that popped into my head. I was trying to just make a joke and now I realize that I shouldn't have joked about something as serious as that and made a very serious mistake and lapse of judgement. I apologize especially to @Sky and @Roz for this behavior and for calling you both snowfalkes. I am sorry and this behavior will not continue especially since I'm trying to prove to the community I can step up and become a mod hopefully. I hope you both can forgive me and we can move forward and remain friends.
  10. I think you said that last time I posted that pic lol
  11. Honestly we need to have a third party receive the bsp to keep it fair and balanced, like @Nation for example... also he has full admin powers on the dev server so it can be uploaded and judged there. I love this idea btw
  12. Here’s a picture of when I was younger as if I could have a pic of an older me.
  13. Safari forum bug can’t click on the menu button to sign in. Im able to post this via mobile because discord’s web browser works