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  1. Spud


    I would love to go to the Bahamas again. Went on a bahama cruise back when i was in highschool and couldn't fully enjoy myself like I could if I was 18+. Now that I'm 25 ain't shit I can't do. Just would like the money to go to paradise island and explore that for like a week. So much to do in the Bahamas. Great place. 10/10 would vacation again.
  2. I'm a simple fellow. A nice 1999-2001 jeep Cherokee xj will do. Which I own a 2000 xj. Needs to be lifted for it to be my dream car tho lol
  3. Spud

    Favorite Games??

    All time favorite? That's a tough one. Probably css, if you go off time spent playing lmao... you don't spend 2k+ hours on a game you don't enjoy As for other games. I enjoy any call of duty. My favorite is probably black ops 2. Forza 2 Destroy all humans Skyrim World of tanks (second favorite)
  4. Honestly like this. Hopefully this will rid the trolls from the servers. Like glow said, if you can't play and not be a toxic asshole, then find another community to invest your time in. I'm sure they'll welcome your toxicity. If you feel like this (this new 3 strike system) is a problem then most likely you're the problem.
  5. Is there any plans to purge old perma bans?
  6. huh... it's not there and I was gonna add it to my disco
  7. Getting back into crossfade. Love their music ever since I was a kid.
  8. I work security now and it's a good career field to be in, especially in today's world... but it's just not for me. Before the army I wanted to be an electrical linemen but felt I had a duty to serve first and it would at least pay for school afterwards. So finally after being out of the army for a year I'm finally going to school in January to fulfil my linemen dreams. My career goal is to work for the state one day and make 6 figures, have a comfortable life for me and my future family. Tuition was only 105 bucks too. So yay me
  9. I watched freaky on a date last week. Only cost me 5 bucks... id rate it a 7/10 on a comedy level, 3/10 on plots and 9/10 on acting. It was decent. I would wait to see it when it comes out on streaming platforms tho.
  10. Welcome back! Hope to see you on the server sometime.
  11. Welcome to Gp! If you have any questions feel free to ask me on here or in discord. I can point ya to the right direction if I don't know the answer. Have a great stay and hope to see you become a member one day
  12. Neither. I'm not a pervert and can get laid easily by non family members ya fucking weirdos.
  13. Spud

    Christmas Gifts

    A new mouse. World of tanks gold Money lol