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  1. That would actually be a better idea so everyone would get to have it and it would allow us to celebrate the holidays with it aswell.
  2. @A Questionable Profile could you make me a spray please? I'm wanting an anime spray that has 2 serial killers fighting to survive or an anime hunger games. If you do make one or both of these tysm!
  3. I know there are a lot of pretty cool skins out already, but it would be cool if there were some event/holiday skins that were limited time where you can only get it during that holiday/event then they have to wait for the next year to get that skin. The skins would be permanent if you bought them. Ex:4th of July skin Date:7/1/2020-7/15/2020 able to obtain yearly at this time. It would be cool to see how it would turn out to see skins to represent each holiday/event. I would like opinions from everyone!
  4. Karma

    Worst fights!

    What is the worst fight/argument you've been in? The worst fight I was in was when I was in 6th grade so about 3-4 years ago. I broke a kids arm cause he was hitting me in the head with a water bottle repeatedly and broke my glasses. Note:I only fight in self-defense I do not encourage it.
  5. Karma

    Summer Plans

    Play Pirate101 Play Clash of Clans Play Hell Let Loose Play Jailbreak Workout every day Draw more pictures Learn to cook Get my permit/license Earn money
  6. Lol -Raccoon stole my bacon-
  7. Lol that's a good one @no_no_square1
  8. This is my favorite quote. -Keep doing your best you'll always succeed and if you are having a hard time just remember a mistake you made grants more knowledge than making none at all-
  9. We hope to see you around every once in a while. I hope you do well buddy. I wish you the best of luck, success and happiness!
  10. Welcome to the forums I hope you enjoy time with the community and get to know us more! Have a good day see you in-game soon!
  11. My favorite Creepypasta characters are Laughing Jack and Jeff The Killer.
  12. You were fun to play with but it's sad to see you go big bro brahim. I wish you success and happiness.
  13. This was a really difficult decision for me to make, but I have decided to step down from mod and the community itself. I have enjoyed the time I spent with the community and got to know you all better and even became friends with some of you. The toxic and disrespectful behavior of others that have been going towards me and other staff/members has been bugging me. I don't think I have what it takes to be a mod I'm sorry if I let you all down. I lost all the love I had towards Counter Strike Source. I believe this community does have the potential to last for years which I know will happen. I still hope to remain friends with all of you. I will still be active in discord though to keep in touch. I may come visit you all every once in a while. Staff -Keep doing your best you'll always succeed and if you are having a hard time just remember a mistake you made grants more knowledge than making none at all- Members -You are all family while you're in this community you'll always be reminded of that when playing with the community- I wish you all the best of Luck, Happiness, and Success in your lives. Peace Out, Karma
  14. If this was added than we wouldn't have a chance to ever play new maps since everyone would just keep nominating the same maps repeatedly. Getting to look at new maps can be fun, but just replaying the same maps repeatedly can get annoying and boring. (just my opinion)
  15. I'm allergic to mountain dew.