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  1. You all have probably seen my gametracker isn't doing so well. That being said school starting up again I've not really had any time to play many games and it'll be like that for 18ish more weeks and on top of school I'm going to be trying to get a job to earn money. I am stepping down from the staff team, but would like to remain a member. I want to thank @Glow @Dunder @Assassin Mike and the whole mod+/staff team for giving me the opportunity to help out the server and to show my worth and loyalty. GamePunch will be the only CSS servers I play on. I got to make new friends and it'll continue to be that way hopefully. GamePunch itself will continue to expand and become popular. It's probably the best community right now. Now my goal was to get to manager, but it most likely would have taken a year or 2 to accomplish that. I wish you all the best of luck and I wish the best for GamePunch and hope it continues to be successful. You'll see me join in-game randomly. Peace out -karma-
  2. I only played this map once so far but it seems like it is a good map^. Now the real question will there be more new maps anytime soon?
  3. Karma

    Favorite chips

    Sun chips.... is the brand name I believe
  4. Potentially my last guess depending if all prizes are taken I will go with 43 for tonight.
  5. 1. Owari no seraph 2. My hero academia 3. Attack on titan 4. Tokyo Ghoul 5. Bleach
  6. I have left 4 dead 2 installed, but I don't remember any of the maps. I would play if you got 1 or 2 others to join ya.
  7. Karma

    Mod+ Meeting

    There is a possibility that I may not make it to the meetings. I'm not feeling so well and I am most likely going to help my mum shop for my siblings Christmas gifts. If I'm free I'll be there
  8. 1. From the first video that says Fish and Pen trolling. You threatened them with a ban which shouldn't have happened. Time on video when it is said 0:30 to 0:40. 2. If you had issues with these players you should have made a player complaint that way everything could be handled properly. It will still be looked into though. 3. Now what Get/Rekt[Toxic] said is unacceptable where he threatened the server jokingly or not. Video proof nr3 time he said it was 0:20 to 0:40. Get/rekt[Toxic] at 0:40 to 1:10 said his threat wasn't a joke. 4. If people are being toxic and disrespectful don't argue or be toxic back gather evidence and make a player complaint. 5. If this were a player complaint arguing back can get both parties a punishment as both parties would be going out of their way to argue/disrespect each other. An honest question what do you mean by [Fix your community?] Not everyone is toxic or disrespectful there are really nice people who play on GP. EDIT:If some one ever threatens the server like that @FBA ping admin+ or staff+ immediately with any proof you have of it.
  9. @LuciλThe only thing I could think of when it comes to a hand cuff plugin. The only think I can think of is it stops T's from knifing or picking up guns/grenades as hand cuffs would likely make them drop it when placed on a T would this be how the hand cuffs work? I do believe this would be interesting if it was given a little bit of an explanation. Like how would the plugin work? What would the plugin do? Would the cuffs be for warden only or all CT's?
  10. In my opinion I don't think this would work, because it could cause issues when people try to warden and it would show other people it's ok to mic spam and talk over warden.
  11. What all do you have planned for 2021?
  12. This time it's the real deal so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASSASSIN MIKE!!!
  13. Karma

    Mod+ Meeting

    Gonna be busy this weekend might make it most likely not though.