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  1. +1 Good luck to all and have fun!
  2. Monitor fixed turns out it was a system issue and I'll be upgrading very soon but in mean time I gotta make this one last!
  3. I am not leaving and I will remain active on discord. It's just my computer monitor has had it's last run and has finally died on me. I do not know how long it'll take to replace but when it's replaced I will be back on to game!
  4. What are some of your favorite animals? Mine are Foxes, Wolves, Snakes, Dogs, and Cats.
  5. This is my opinion but you shouldn't have done that over a demotion. What you've done was bring a bad reputation to GP.
  6. I never gave this the clear, but I guess it's that time. I wish you best of luck, happiness, and success in life! See you in discord bud.
  7. Karma

    Carbs Done

    This is as automatic voicemail the person you are trying to reach is no longer available please try again later. Well I'm a say good luck with your company, don't break any bones, and be successful. You were definitely one of the people I trusted most in GP and it's sad to see you go.
  8. The Karma hasn't been feeling so well the last few days. Hopefully soon I'll start feeling better. How are you all feeling?
  9. I voted yes for a few reasons 1. Like @Nation said it'll allow us to play more map games. 2. It has a higher chance to stop people from falsely claiming free killed. 3.It would allow the T/T's a chance to correct themselves if they didn't hear orders and got left behind.
  10. I never said you could leave @beksinski I'm still gonna message you on steam/discord, but at least play every once in a while please. When I was first introduced to gp you were the first person I became friends with I respect the decision you have decided to make. I wish you the best of luck, happiness, and success!
  11. Karma


    That's a nice looking tattoo!
  12. Karma


    Alright once you get it post a picture of it
  13. Karma


    How many of you have Tattoo's and what are they?
  14. What is one thing you like about GamePunch?: When everyone is having fun and getting along. What is one thing you dislike about GamePunch?: The people who decide to troll/disrespect/be toxic/argue/disgusting jokes that aren't allowed/be racist. What is one thing you would change about GamePunch?: The only thing would be to give harsher punishments to people who have broken many rules before. Which Mod(s) and/or Admin(s) do you think are worthy of a promotion?: Chaos Boss-SM Cow-SM Beksinski-Admin Mr. Tony-Admin Which games would you like to see introduced to GamePunch?: I'd like to see any game introduced, because it would show the community it's expansion into other games.