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  1. ^ place it in rice it auto fixes
  2. Another person who has stole my spitting....
  3. Anarchy wouldn’t do well even if Minecraft actually had a good player base for it. 2b2t is popular because it was the first server ever made.. servers don’t pop off quickly so it would kinda be wasting money.
  4. Welcome To the forums!
  5. no cap on god. Fr tho your time here has defintely impacted gp quite a bit. headass. on gang bruh. Gl in ur future. -mario
  6. Mario

    Carbs Done

    I already talked to you a little bit over discord, and honestly I hope everything goes well with you and the company. There are bigger things than css and this is one of them, you were truly one of the first people I enjoyed playing with and I hope to still see you around. I enjoyed being staff with you and hopefully 1 day you will come back if you have the time. Gl carb 1 last time for good ol’ sake *Dead* [Mod] GP * Carb: Alexa resume
  7. Stay safe! HAWWWKK TOOOF
  8. This is completely steam based, nothing we can do about it, try finding a fix, Ive seen this issue before but no fix for it so I’m not sure unless someone knows something about it.