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  1. Once again, I got a silver iPhone X
  2. sorry ignore the watermark.. this was long overdued.. @pudding @OhhDandy ik u guys wanted it so u got it
  3. Thank you for all of your hard work you’ve put into this community, it was always fun playing with you, I hope to see you soon. Also FUCK WHEAT GANG
  4. @A Questionable Profile can u make me one??
  5. Welcome, I’ve seen you around for a little bit. Glad you made it to the forums
  6. are you a redstone torch? because you make my piston rise.
  7. yea i seen this shit before
  8. Knowing the world can end at any moment.... or there being infinite life forms that no one knows about...
  9. Damn bro.... hopefully I still see you around. Good luck on your future endeavors.