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  1. Mario


    I would go to Dubai for the culture and the culture but also anywhere in Asia I’ve seen so many food youtubers go and eat there and I would want to try literally anything... it all looks really good.
  2. This seems like a really cool idea. Gives more life to ct and makes it so that every ct isn’t just in a corner with an awp or m4
  3. Audi rs5, Nissan skyline r34 or a 2021 Nissan GT-R. Nissans imo have really nice looking cars edit: didn’t realize all of them were blue
  4. Mario

    Favorite chips

    Don’t fail us karma we need to know which flavor
  5. Mario

    Favorite Games??

    I’ve been dumping a lot of my time into rust recently. Honestly I recommend it to anyone with a half decent pc. I also loved the early cod games such as The modern warfare series.
  6. Mario

    Favorite chips

    What are your favorite kind of chips/crisps? Mine are these two.
  7. Mario

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year
  8. I don’t see this being added. Most players go onto jailbreak to play the actual game mode not some special day. Honestly this seems like something on gmod.
  9. Mario

    Merry Christmas!

    i got a new desk, chair, steelseries arctis 1's and a big hyperx mousepad
  10. This ruins the fun lol. Most maps only gave 1 flash in a cell. Either that or there are 1-3 cells with a flash.