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  1. Honestly never thought id stick this community as much to become a member, Remember its not about the destination its about the JOURNEY.
  2. Just typed "Jailbreak" in search filter
  3. Wisdom tooth extraction FOR SURE
  4. "Life is only as hard as you make it."
  5. Your local drunk thinks the world should see this.
  6. GOD

    Music taste?

    Mix of all kind
  7. I be seeing it everywhere on my socials but its a no from me on TikToks.
  8. Actually going with CS:GO,Bigger community but it comes with its toxicity.
  9. GOD

    I need fred

    Im'a need that link for a friend
  10. GOD


    See that's why i be drinking beer from now on on jailbreak instead of the roads :3
  11. Ive always been a playstation boy my whole life so its easy for me