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  1. waffle

    CSGO Jailbreak

    like the ones on karma 1v1s? where its like a small bit of map that a bunch of rows of people 1v1 on?
  2. waffle

    CSGO Jailbreak

    i would give it a try but i dont think it would take off
  3. we dont have a official one as every single one flops but we do have a bunch of unofficial ones in the gamepunch discord
  4. I know you get this like 24/7 but is there anything new on fixing sprays for non members to spray? i remember someone gave a plugin to fix it
  5. Dogshit mfk dont use a auto next time
  6. waffle

    Taunt Suggestions

    Just a few dukes of hazzard - general lee's dixie horn.mp3 M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!.mp3 You're the best... around!.mp3 2000 Years Later SpongeBob Time Card #2.mp3 Circus Clown Music - Sound Effect (HD).mp3 Eggman - Better Luck Next Time, Fuckboy.mp3 GTA San Andreas - Ah shit, here we go again..mp3 Bomb has been planted sound effect.mp3 Bomb has been defused counter terrorists win - CSGO Sound Effect.mp3 Turtle song persian language.mp3
  7. my first impressions was that it was a nice community with great mods and everyone followed rules boy did that change
  8. Who dat nation more like who dat bantion cya around man
  9. Does this mean sneaux is taking your spot?
  10. Its very sad to lose everything you worked very hard on some people will say stuff like "its just art" but honestly when you put enough work into something a good hobby becomes a passion. I hope you can recover most of your data.
  11. I thought this was serious lmao
  12. Im curious how would staff and member roles cross over?
  13. I dont have rust yet but i have seen gameplay and it is great! i think rust has a big playerbase also