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  1. waffle

    KZ server?

    what? KZ is used for movement practice lol. This is very true the main reason a gp KZ would die is because most people in gp wouldent be able to beat the maps
  2. waffle

    KZ server?

    Its like movement practice it gives you maps to practice your bhopping longjumps etc stuff like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaM9HJ9fOLE
  3. I watched the original clue movie it was pretty good having a bunch of endings for each different theatre the first ending I saw was the mrs scarlet ending so I would give it 10/10
  4. I know a lot of people have said this but polar express is a classic for me like most of the movies I watch I cant remember it exactly but it still remains one of my favorites.
  5. • minecraft • css • fallout new vegas • terraria • The Ultimate DOOM • dont starve together • slime rancher I hear half life seems to be a lot of peoples favorites I remember playing the beginning and getting lost on a trial version of the game may have to try it again
  6. waffle

    New cinema

    That looks very nice! I wouldent want to be those wires though lol
  7. waffle


    1+ would this be on a different server than gp pugs? since it would affect people just trying to normally pug I figure the event would go like: • Each team bans a map • Everyone votes for the non banned maps • Each winning team advances to the next bracket • Losers go into the losers bracket or are out • Winners of the final bracket win the whole thing
  8. You cant dedicate all your time to the server I hope you come back more energized than ever!
  9. I live in Florida I honestly dont get the jokes people say about people from flordia being crazy?
  10. hes speaking the language of the gods
  11. To add on mg skins would be cool yea but it doesnt really fit the jailbreak theme imagine you are in prision with hannah montana a skeleton and a vampire in your cell.