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  1. iLeow

    CSGO Jailbreak

    If you open a CS:GO server, I will try to play on it, but I'm not very convinced. I've been through this before, my old community did the same thing several years ago, opening a CS:GO jailbreak, the CS:GO server killed the CS:S server, and the CS:GO server was full of toxic player, there was a real shitty mood, to finaly close few time later because of the mood and toxicity. Concretly, for me, the jailbreak on CS:GO is less fun, I have the feeling that CS:GO has been developed in a way that makes it interesting to play seriously, competitive way, but not for anything else. When I play CS:GO Jailbreak, I feel like the game limits me in the fun, I have trouble to explaining it, but I still feel uncomfortable on fun mods CS:GO, it just make me want to relaunch CS:S!
  2. I talked to the leader of my old community, he think it was a feature of a plugin called "FuncommandsX", that allows admins to color players. He give me the name of a forum with many many plugin for Sourcemod And I found this, a copy of the FuncommandsX colors feature : I don't know anything on script plugin, but it's maybe possible to modify it ?
  3. I don't taken ideas from people As I said, this script was on a very very old server where I played for several years, and when we did a 7v7 soccer on lego, I thought it was probably possible to find the script. I'm not joining someone discord to take ideas, I didn't know they had a discord. If someone had already talked about the idea, I would not have made the suggestion.
  4. 7/8 years ago I was on a server with a plugin like this but it was difficult to use, I think there is something easier now, but how to find it....
  5. Never ! *find in record everytime I knife you to put on best of* The idea come to me when a few days ago we did a 7v7 soccer on Lego, and after 30 seconds i didn't knew who was on my team, and at the end CTs no longer knew who to kill x) But I understand, It's not something urgent, and probably difficult to add on server
  6. Hi ! I had an idea for jailbreak. When we play a game like a Soocer, Volleyball, or a team game, it would be more convenient if the warden could temporarily color the T skins, for exemple !colorsred iLeow !colorsblue iLeow. It's more easier for CTs and easier for T to know who's on his team EDIT 1: Of course, only the Warden can use this EDIT2: If it's possible, a menu with the choice of multiple colors, and then the list of all the terrorists alive would be even easier for the warden, a menu like the !store
  7. My favorite game is The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild The game was released in 2017 on Nintendo Switch, but I continue to play it 5-10 hours /week, just to walk around, or redo the game but with personnal challenges. I can't wait for Breath Of the Wild 2
  8. Welcome Quip !
  9. Please, never close the CS:S Jailbreak for a CS:GO. I agree with Stompy, he said everything.
  10. Chaos... Thank you so much for the fun I"ve had with you since I came here... Best Of without you won't be the same.. I wish you the best, you deserve it, I hope you come back soon as possible..
  11. iLeow


    In France it's different from US/UK, tips is already include on the price of meals / drinks, on every bar or restaurant. It's not in the culture to leave a tip every time, only when the service was excellent, generally 2 / 5 €
  12. iLeow


    Welcome, no !