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  1. horde playing undead priest
  2. @Glow Person of Interest is a great show but its super duper long
  3. Mouses are super important when it comes to aiming in fps games just want to know what mouse you use and what sensitivity / DPI you use in CS 400 DPI @ 1.6 in game Mouse - Razor - Deathadder if any one needs a new mouse i always recommend the deathadder not pricey and is super good quality let me know what you guys are using :))
  4. windows 10 but windows 7 is the best OS ever
  5. cant even get to that stage
  6. no clue couldn't read it in time before my computer crashed, but my pc wont boot up it just restarts over and over which is a common theme with failing power supplies
  7. HunterX848


    Just bought a new PC, and was trying to save money ( i know i contradicted my self) but I used my old power supply in my new one, Its 650W which is fine and was 8 years old, so I thought I could get a couple more years out of it. Finally get my PC put together and start to re download all my games, then my PC blue screens and shuts down. Now i have to wait for a new one to come in. and yes i know its my power supply that failed and not another component If you are interested in the specs here they are GPU- 2060 CPU- i7 9700k RAM- Corsair 16g @ 3000 MOBO - asus 390a Windows 10 Kept my old hard drive and ssd and I finally got a 144hz monitor so watch out I will be back to JB soon Thanks for reading
  8. Sheeeeeeeeeesh wouldn't even be fair tbh
  9. Leaving GP Best of luck to this community
  10. HunterX848

    Anime Club

    i like the idea of having clubs within the community just not sure how many people watch anime in GP
  11. HunterX848

    death games

    Make it when the Warden say's "" do something to die """ like jump, crouch, ext , it is automatically considered a death game short and simple
  12. HunterX848


    Make T's have to repeat over voice chat, its hard as a warden to pay attention to rebelling t's / give orders and look at the chat at the same time. Many people have mics and then type repeat and then die and wonder why, if you dont know what the order is, look at what the other T's are doing and 9 times out of 10 you will live. The point im trying to make here is make repeats only viable over voice chat If a T types repeat the warden should give a repeat but isnt expected too or the T can just type repeat like 3 times ( which is not spam imo ) Then the CT will see his message, but on a full server especially on a hectic map The warden will almost never see the repeat typed out in chat - Thanks please give your opinion - agree or disagree
  13. I've already suggested that the remove certain LR's that are unfair Race was one of them