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  1. HunterX848


    Is it possible you take away all my credits on jb and give the same amount to me on mg. I dont use credits on jb and will actually use them on mg. Thanks
  2. Yes, pausing the match would fix the issue
  3. Really good song. In my opinion
  4. Lower the time it takes for some one to get banned, right now its like 5 or so rounds and the game is basically over by then. It should be one round to reconnect ( 120 sec ). The current timer is too long - Thanks for reading -HunterX848
  5. One of his better songs, didn't know you listened to peep like that : )
  6. You could get a cheaper gpu if you are going for budget if you are fixed on the 2070 i would get a better cpu to prevent bottle necking, unless you are not playing graphic intense games, then there is no reason for a 2070 in the first place
  7. would make it easier to kill people, which would solve the main problem with dodgeball (lengh) sounds like a good idea to me
  8. Sounds like you have bad bandwidth, are there other people who are on the internet with you? If so they could be taking the bandwidth and if yours is bad it would rise your ping by a noticeable amount @Cha-Cha
  9. @Duckii Chris Cornell was also one of my favorites, its sad to see them both gone R.I.P Audioslave is a good band
  10. one of my fav lp songs since you linked one @Duckii
  11. 2060 is the best budget card
  12. In no particular order. All very good movies in by opinion. 1. The Matrix 2. The Prestige 3. The Town 4. Inception 5. Edge of Tomorrow 6. I am Legend 7.Good fellas 8. Casino 9. Heat Some honorable mentions - American Gangster and Paid in Full ps ducki the 3rd Jurassic park movie is the best : )