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  1. good suggestion, it wont get implemented. I think this is more of a quality of life change and not necessary but still would be a great addition. What I usually do is just type out the teams in CT chat, but playing such games with large numbers and limited time sometimes get tricky.
  2. implementing this will definitely decrease the amount of """"Nazi"""" or """" credit whore""""" that occurs sometimes either change would be good i think
  3. Not a single lie was spoken in your paragraphs, well said and I understand your frustrations.
  4. all good bands, do you listen to audioslave / sound garden ?
  5. thoughts on the more than 1 step out of cell = rebel rule ? I think it makes it hard for T's to rebel but that's just my opinion
  6. the maps are not listed best to worst , just in the order they come up in the nomination list
  7. This is only my opinion so take from it what you want The maps listed are the most played maps aka the maps people want to play the most the map cooldown is too long and bad maps get nominated and the server dies reduce the map cooldown and keep the following maps 1. blackops 2. canyondam 3. electric gp razor 4. ganja 5. lockdown final 6. sand v3 7.mario party 8. ml castle 9. avalanche 10 . brikkenwood 11. carceris 12. ice world 13. italia revamp 14, lego v6 15. minecraft_z 16. new summer 17. nexoid 18. parrabellum 19. spy vs spy 20. vip in the mix just an opinion on how i personally would better the server not saying it would, but this is a good step in the right direction - Thanks for reading - Open for discussion / constructive criticism
  8. No disrespect but I saw the cracks in the window before it shattered
  9. Lets all just chill ye ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. I have the k70 by corsair super good keyboard imo
  11. HunterX848

    Summer Plans

    Maybe go outside, but that's still a maybe