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  1. gotta miss you again my guy! hope life goes well!
  2. nokia 3220, with dem disco lights on the side
  3. great post, never look back. look forward and try to make it, thats all you can do!
  4. ExiteR

    Store Suggestion

    so you're telling me that shawn got all those credits by himself?
  5. ExiteR

    Store Suggestion

    hmm im talking about the people where credits have been given to. talking about the 500k stores like some admins.
  6. ExiteR

    3 round cooldown

    - some mods/admins are really soft in this case, maybe thats the reason why people do not enforce this rule. - the only reason why people break this rule is to get all the players slayed. - i have seen that @tommy just slayed 1of those guys that broke this rule, and he did not do it again because he couldn't screw other players. i think that might be a better solution. i found out that this post was from 3 months ago
  7. ExiteR

    Store Suggestion

    i think we should lower the price for respawns to 500? everyone likes to buy a respawn so now and then. i think the people with 200000 credits have an unfair advantage on the people that doesn't.
  8. sleep, eat, lift em weights, work repeat