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  1. Ylli

    New Rule

    I experienced a ct camping in front of disco on Carceris multiple rounds in a row. The second the rounds starts the ct booked it there (without knowing if a T teleported there or not), and usually got a kill or two within the first 30 secs of a round 'cause he was so close to disco when the t's used the secret. The second someone calls out a rebeller that teleported to disco when he runs the remaining 10 meters to disco and gets a free kill. This to me isn't fun for rebellers, and puts ct's at an unfair advantage, it's basically secret camping, but through a loophole: the ct would say he's "just hanging around disco incase someone uses a secret to get there", and that he's "too far to actually be camping the secret." I'd like a new rule saying that CT's should play their role by staying with T's at all times unless they pursue a known rebeller. An additional rule stating that CT's can't look for rebelling T's if they don't know which secret they used might tip the balance too far in the T's favour, so I don't quite know if that would work, but I'd also like to see it implemented to see how it plays. Here's a video of what I mean: In the video, the CT in question played a bit closer from disco than usual because we had a discussion about the whole ordeal. To be clear, I don't think the CT should be punished at all, I would just like this rule to be added. Also, sorry for my mics static noise. Thank you for your time.