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  1. Honestly I think any game could be turned into jailbreak like games where you can make custom maps eg.. Minecraft, Rust, probably more!
  2. I vote we have a CSGO JB as they're alit of games on csgo that can't be in css. And battlefield 4 gamepunch server because its the og.
  3. Change the way the maps are displayed in the nomination list from newest to oldest.
  4. If you can buy every game but don't know what to buy you'll be going to the store for no reason because you can't make decisions.
  5. Change the way maps are lined up in the nomination list from newest to oldest?
  6. The Bachelorette because basically your just a male gigolo on national TV. And at the end of it all you get paid for losing or winning. So I was one of the guys I would just toot it and boot it then do something stupid to avoid getting the rose. Plus I don't want to be on national tv.
  7. Honestly you can't consider trolling toxic. Can you?
  8. Is there a handcuff or ball and chain kind of deal that can be added to JB?
  9. I want a mic spam day on Sundays as this is viewed as a day of rest in some religions, and in days of rest we release ourselves verbally. Also we are all very stressed out the rest of the week so why not just release our frustrations in the mic for at least one round of jailbreak a map. Also I was muted for a week for spam. I was very frustrated that night thanks. Ps This is not an appeal.
  10. One of them gets stuck in the washing machine again.. Who you saving?
  11. Yes Hello i'm the Greatwhiteshark your momma told you about rawr.
  12. Disconnect: Your client has failed to reply to a query in time. Please reconnect or restart your game. getting this error and it crashes