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  1. Holly shit Noodles, you look different then one imagines
  2. mat-duke

    Jailbreak Clips

    Dodge ball killing is great, need a video with a nade.
  3. Jesus are you a DJ or playing jail break?
  4. That's one scary looking picture.
  5. mat-duke

    New PC

    I wouldn't say it's a SCAM, but you can get better value for money if you assemble your self.
  6. I thought this was EGN?!
  7. Cold, once your hot you can't get cold by taking off anything
  8. It's creepy how much is known about you. I go to one shop one time and never google it or tell anyone and boom ads for it on facebook the next day.
  9. Overpriced, no value vs a self build PC.
  10. Self build is the best bet always for value. Just get someone to check your parts list and you'll be golden.
  11. mat-duke


    Can we get the ASS SASSIN Mike spray posted here please?
  12. You will be missed sir!
  13. mat-duke


    I have not, looks neat
  14. mat-duke


    My Mavic Pro is amazing. FPV flying, out of the box works with any smart phone.