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  1. I'm ok with it. Just takes getting used to. I must admit that I'm a huge fan of each games' new home pages in the library. Seems neat getting a glance at the community hub from within the library.
  2. Nope, was never in HoE. I'm just Xanderian from EgN. Sorry to disappoint. :C
  3. Hey there! My name's Alexander, but I go by Xanderian primarily. I'm an older CS:S and GMod player, though I don't play either as much as I used to. Right now, I actually play my games on Shadow since my usual gaming laptop had some hardware issues. Because of that, I don't have access to a microphone whenever I'm playing games (since shadow's linux support is ass...). You can see some more info about me in my profile. In any case, hello!
  4. Yes, hello. I'm alive.

    1. Ari


      hi xanderian!

  5. MG server, definitely. As for other games, might be worth looking into a gmod server. Not sure what though. DarkRP maybe?
  6. Just joined the GP forums. Hello world!