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  1. Tring can you put the bussdown thotiana instrumental lol that would be a dope disco music and or the actual song and i like the map alot cant wait to see it and i wish i knew how to make a map or help you make yours !
  2. thotiana

    Jailbreak Clips

    lol i got squished !
  3. Happy Bday

    1. thotiana


      Thank you ~! ❤️ 

  4. thotiana


    my birthday is in 3 days and my ca$happ is $4eignbry ;)))) turning 20
  5. I want a spray that moves or shows different color in a vibe type of way and I want like females and all that with my name in it thanks !!
  6. thotiana

    Tattoo ?

    hey so im thinking about getting a tattoo and I need ideas lmao , also if I get the gamepunch logo I better get 5000000 credits on minigames jk not really , anyways im moving to Louisiana soon so better internet on its way ! whoever wants to pub yall wait for this ;))) send some picture comments !!!
  7. AWWW SNAPP yk im down ;)))) im a GAWD at MW2 favorite game . CA$H PRIZES ? LMK
  8. ik , not the refund i think one of the things is that it says you get what you bet back. say i bet 1000 and i win the bet it says i won 1123 , ireally only won 123 credits instead of 1123 so that kinda throws people off , and altough i bet and win sometimes the credit dont show on my !credits , it wouldnt come to me
  9. i just sold the barry skin so im at 11,000 but im just curious to where the other credits went
  10. so i betted on the map , awp submarine and everytime i bet it says i win 135 credits or 100 something like 5 times . one time it said i won 1204 so i checked my !credits and i was still at 8000 credits even though i wouldve been at 9000+ i didnt buy anything or bet at all after finding that out
  11. thotiana


    yeah ill post him one day when i upload the pictures on my computer
  12. im a town hall 12 and 7 ^^
  13. thotiana


    i recently found out my dog is a husky and chihuahua mix LOL , thats crazy to me :3
  15. This map is the worse map that we have , somehow it always get chosen and right when it switches to this map everyone and their mother rtv because its just not as fun of a map . maybe because its dark or there isnt an actual armory , where you have to press B to Buy guns and etc etc. Also ive noticed that everyone only does warday in soccer and garage in this map every other round and this just brings the population to the servers down when its on this map jb_razor_electric_beta2