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  1. Due to the recent demotion , i would like to exempt myself from GamePunch. I had a good run being at gamepunch and love the people in the community and i loved being an admin on the server. It came to me recently that i wasnt living up to their expectation that i was being so called "immature" . I can say i am one of , if not , the most active admin on the game . I try to make the game fair and be friendly with everyone in the community even if they are my steam friends but ill still take my duty as an admin and make sure nobody is breaking any rules. I dont fully understand why i was demoted and at this point if you feel like i am not a good admin i cant say i respect your decision but i will take matters in my own hand and just leave gamepunch. When i first became a mod , i was still getting back to jailbreak and CSS . Gamepunch was also a new server and i wanted to be a part of . I made sure i played my part and i made sure i didnt make many mistakes. Being promoted to an admin i knew i had bigger responsibilities and more maturity to reach . Which i feel like i lost alot of peoples respect because of how much more disciplinary ive been. I feel like ive been more mature and been doing everything i was suppose to. I never thought i would leave this community but this community isnt working for me. It has become toxic more and more as it grows bigger. This community brought me alot of friends but also made me realize how selfless the higher ups are . And i dont speak for every higher up but i feel like this clan is based on favoritism and $. I feel as if me being demoted , there shouldve been a whole wide mod+ admin+ staff+ meeting and discuss it as a community would . I guarantee you that most of the people on this community would say that ive been doing my job and playing the game and being the best i can and if yall cant see that then yall lost a real one. I done started from the bottom and almost all the people i started out with dont even want to be here anymore. I stayed because i wanted to see gamepunch expand into irl and make shirts and everything and posters but who knows where that money goes from donations . I want to leave on a good note but i feel like you guys never gave me a chance i needed . So with that being said . have a good night.
  2. @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation
  3. i recommend a high school themed jailbreak
  4. looks litty , probably needs some adjustments
  5. Tring can you put the bussdown thotiana instrumental lol that would be a dope disco music and or the actual song and i like the map alot cant wait to see it and i wish i knew how to make a map or help you make yours !
  6. thotiana

    Jailbreak Clips

    lol i got squished !
  7. Happy Bday

    1. thotiana


      Thank you ~! ❤️ 

  8. thotiana


    my birthday is in 3 days and my ca$happ is $4eignbry ;)))) turning 20
  9. I want a spray that moves or shows different color in a vibe type of way and I want like females and all that with my name in it thanks !!
  10. thotiana

    Tattoo ?

    hey so im thinking about getting a tattoo and I need ideas lmao , also if I get the gamepunch logo I better get 5000000 credits on minigames jk not really , anyways im moving to Louisiana soon so better internet on its way ! whoever wants to pub yall wait for this ;))) send some picture comments !!!
  11. AWWW SNAPP yk im down ;)))) im a GAWD at MW2 favorite game . CA$H PRIZES ? LMK
  12. ik , not the refund i think one of the things is that it says you get what you bet back. say i bet 1000 and i win the bet it says i won 1123 , ireally only won 123 credits instead of 1123 so that kinda throws people off , and altough i bet and win sometimes the credit dont show on my !credits , it wouldnt come to me
  13. i just sold the barry skin so im at 11,000 but im just curious to where the other credits went