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  1. would appreciate if u stopped posting, Yours got denied. Would advice u to stop. Edit: Post was moved to introductions. So Welcome to gamepunch.
  2. Sad to see u leave gp members n wish u well in futures ahead of you and id like to also end off with a fuck u
  3. I feel csgo jailbreak would honestly expand the community but i have also said the reasons to why i dont really like it. But overall if a csgo server is made im down to give my fullest support to it and play on it to get it populated
  4. im down to do an apex legends event
  5. Yo silent, Cool dude when playing with you. Keep it up love to play with u more!!
  6. The No no square and stompy one is reaally great. Im sure the people using them are happy Are u still making spray mikiiii?
  7. Dont feel the need for this, Seeing how its for games like soccer and volleyball for example. I dont see a need for it. Eg. Me and Jimmy on one team and lets say Mike and Indi on the other team. Whats the point of the colours? For volleyball whoever if on your side is obviously your teammate and for soccer u can see whos on your side. Theres definately issues like freekilling by accident when it comes to cts not knowing whos on whos team but thats when u start to pay more attention and not kill people if u dont know wether they are to be killed or not. Like i said im not supportive of the idea but if its added i wouldnt hate it. i feel its just a command that could be helpful but really not needed. Seeing it needs to be coded and added. waste of time but yeah its my take on it. Good idea yet not needed i feel. Dont hate me
  8. Stompy

    Mod+ Meeting

    100% attending the mod meeting. finished all work in time.
  9. Seeing we have more people on the forums decided to ask the community, what is your FAVOURITE GAME? Right now im currently addicted to APEX LEGENDS, so what are your favourite games post them down below and if u could, explain the game so people can try it out! Apex is a battle royal game, reason why im so in love with it is because each hero has a special/different skill which can go from Scanning enemies(Wall hacks :>) to freaking bombs dropping from the sky, game is made very fair and honestly all u need is good aim to be good at the game unlike fortnite which u need to fucking build but this game is just fair and honestly a great game, ITS FREE BTW!!! currently i see a few people from gamepunch playing and would love to see more.
  10. Welcome Quip, Welcome to gaymepunch
  11. Maybe not upgrading it but making new csgo server im sure there was a thread made for csgo jailbreak recently and ive covered why csgo jailbreak may not be the best choice. Have been on many csgo servers and im going to summarize what ive seen while playing. 1.Hackers, Plenty of them Eg.Walls/Aimbot 2. Toxicity, If you think css jailbreak is toxic, While think again csgo is worse 3. Different feeling for css and csgo, there is a reason why many of our players dont play csgo. 4. Csgo jail break if perfected could be played well but there are about 2-3 jb servers on csgo despite popularity have never seem to be a full server. 5. Making a csgo jailbreak could kill our css servers which are honestly popping off atm We currently have a prophunt server, once the server is perfected we could consider going for csgo jailbreak, Its been said before but it may take some time but im sure it would happen but not right now there are too many factors to consider when making a new server and even worse a csgo jailbreak.
  12. Bruh, Can u call me headass one more time? Honestly its been great fun playing with you. Were one of the reasons why i applied for member and mod. Remembered the good old days where i can disrespect your member looking ass. Yesterday was an loa and turned into a step down post? im so sad yet i really wish u the best out there. May your future be the best and hope to play with you and taalk to u soon !! u
  13. Its just the way csgo works tbh. Some examples would be if someone is great at csgo they could be bad at css. If someone is great at css, they would be bad at csgo. My experience with CSGO jb is crazy, Many new players so there will be many rules broken, have been on a server where its all just racism and disrespect over and over again. Similar to starting a new server but i would say if we had a csgo jailbreak there wouldnt be much players on there either. Unless we have gp members who would populate the server? it would be hard to get it populated.
  14. No, maybe in the future. But css and csgo jailbreak are really different.