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  1. Round 5 From the Server manager lets get in a 23
  2. Round 4 From the Server manager lets get in a 9
  3. Round 3 from the server manager and im going to go with a 38
  4. Round 2 From the Server manager lets get in a 68
  5. Guess the server manager will be going first, ill go for a 67
  6. Sounds fun but seems like that will be up to the Devs if they can make this work
  7. We have decided to deny your application at this time; if you have any questions, please contact a Manager+ for additional information. You may reapply in 14 days. .:DENIED:.
  8. I believe its beenn posted a while back but yeah u can definatelyjust ask peeps from the gp server to play with u i know many who plays
  9. I think theres this Sauce, Samjang? its a korean sweet sauce . Get that shit with chicken and youd be in heaven
  10. Stompy

    Mod+ Meeting

    Chonky Boy be celebrating his 18th birthday but if i be pulling an all nighter ill be there
  11. Can u explain "handcuff, ball and chain kind of deal"
  12. Happy birthday to our beloved Co-Leader Assassin Mike! (His Actual Birthday)