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  2. Stompy


    Recently came across the cutest thing ever Stompy! -Running's Child.mp3 This is the original audio of RD"s Child saying my name And i was thinking can anybody help make this into a short beat may be 10-20 seconds long and for an example i got @Chaos Boss(Thank You) to make me a beat and its pretty sick and i was wondering if anybody here knows how to make beats and would like to Make a short beat from the audio above. If anyone wanna hear Chaos's beat its right here Below stompy (1).wav - Made by Chaos Boss
  3. true story no lie i punched @Nation cause he was being a bitch and he then threatened to shoot me with his real gun and i pulled out a nerf and shot his kneecap and he cried.
  4. Stompy

    Summer Plans

    Covid season still here so no plans. But ill be on the server more for the next 2 weeks. Have a few things to do with school stuff with some school project about business management and shit.
  5. Did i ask for your apple watch? fucking flexer wtv.
  6. Sunnycity u will be missed, U will be known as the map nonosquare/stompy and chuck love to fuck around in. We love you. See you soon bud!
  7. I got two phones one for your mum and pokemon go
  8. +1 What a mature person. U have my respect for doing this . Like what people said above some are just sensitive to certain things and it may just be the context but i dont see anyth there that is “harmful” or “disrespectful” in my opinions so yeah . Respect man
  9. Im currently using a iphone 11. Wbu . ill post a pic later Idea from @Chaos Boss
  10. The 3 worst shapes i have ever seen
  11. The real question is are u really using an iphone 6?
  12. bruh i fucked myself up by buying a game called Whos your daddy lmao
  13. Its okay i miss no_no_square too. But too bad i stomped the fuck out of that square