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  1. oMeteor


    we're onto something.
  2. ayy it's my boy squirrel, welcome to the forums boi.
  3. oMeteor


    same except it's HP keyboard.
  4. oMeteor, in honor of the best player in jailbreak.
  5. Brother used to get these a lot, and I mean A LOT, not so much anymore, he confirms it sucks.
  6. oMeteor

    It's a habit.

    mom when did you go to denmark
  7. The tank gets 250 hp and 100 hp per player. Thanks samira.
  8. 209 210 211 212 213 (Fuck you @Duckii)
  9. 168 169 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 170 171 172
  10. 133 - 134 - 135 - 136 - 137
  11. oMeteor

    Keyboard You could go for any keyboards from ducky's they're really good keyboards but if you wanna go for other keyboards you could go for this one: ( or you could go for something cheaper like this: ( Stuff cheaper than these wouldn't last long but these can last for years
  12. In console type: Record fix Press enter then type: (In console still) Stop Press enter EVERYTIME you see this problem. there you go, not a problem anymore.
  13. Gonna be sad to see you go habibi, You were a good friend of mine, Good luck habibi!
  14. oMeteor

    Good Morning!

    wake up eat breakfast go school go back home eat dinner go to courses (school isn't enough APPARENTLY) go back home study an hour or two open cs source and cry about how my aim sucks