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  1. a graphics card that is probably from the 90's
  2. tobi doesn't play mg so it's the spam join bug at the start of the map, everytime he counters a problem in-game when I'm on I tell him to avoid x so y don't happen, YET HE CREATES THESE POSTS! weird.
  3. Welcome, Seen you in-game and you seem fun.
  4. that's a good idea actually, survival with mcmmo would be fun.
  5. I know this is late but I'm sorry for my inactivity it wasn't in my hands, I had 0 access to internet so I couldn't even get on to tell anybody about this inactivity, so ye, I'll soon come back once I have access to internet again, thanks for understanding.
  6. I got some personal issue so I gotta be inactive for a while (probably half a month) so yea, cya later gamers.
  7. I have a last minute suggestion, can we play town of salem? It's a free online-game that's all about mafia trying to eliminate townies secretly and townies trying to eliminate mafia by working like a team.
  8. I'll miss you my friend, We've had a lot of fun together, Good luck in your life.
  9. @Crunchy (this guy probably knows too as he is also a map maker)
  10. Welcome my friend, Enjoy your stay!
  11. I love reacting 10 days a day.