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  1. I use Safari on an SE. Never had this issue. I was able to sign in just fine. I have my old iPhone 6, I could test this.
  2. Something to do w/ drunk Nikolai from Nazi zombies maybe?
  3. SneakyBeaky


    That's why I was thinking. Maybe its for a simpler/competitive edge?
  4. SneakyBeaky


    I'll see if I can come up with something. I would just ask Dunder instead about a hide skins thing. EDIT: Dunder is not available, I forgot about that. I'll ask a SM+ about this and some Vi devs for their thoughts.
  5. You were like a brother to me. One of the first people to teach me how to play JB. Going to miss you man.
  6. Nova 6 from Black Ops actually being real.
  7. I only -1ed if someone’s whole app was just perks and not something else
  8. Dude I get bad vibes. Artooie, you correct me if i'm wrong but goose said on a surf server "fuck gp everyone is toxic". Then why would you join? I really don't like to shit on people but when people say one but do another that's when I see an issue. Don't believe me? I have a demo I can show you dude. I hate when I can get rude. Edit: Forgot to add one thing, when you said that it feels like a backstab *almost*. When I've seen people say that about GP, I use stuff like that to improve on my behavior so people won't get that vibe. But when you make a app to join GP which you said was toxic? Baffles me man.
  9. SneakyBeaky

    I need fred

    Try talking to Kartofel, pretty sure he has some HD ones
  10. Mod: Cha-Cha/Nono Admin:Chaos/Shawn SM: Nation/Majestic CO:Dunder L:Glow