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  1. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here!
  2. Welcome to the forums, hope you like it here !
  3. Glad to have you Jordi, thanks Samira !
  4. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you!
  5. Where I am from this is called the old hag, It is quite terrifying tbh....
  6. Is this the real Dill Welcome to the forums regardless! EDIT: Ew its Dill "Lenny"
  7. I will be absent from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. My buddy and I are going for an ATV ride and possibly some hunting this weekend. Cya all when I get back on Sunday!
  8. Used to love this game! I helped run a DoDS server back in the day. I would play for sure ! It’s the worst haha, however I do enjoy that you can use the iron sights.
  9. 10/17/2019 I wish my clients didn't have pinterest.
  10. When a homeowner tries to tell me how to do my job, bitch you hired me because you CAN'T do this.
  11. 10/15/2019 ” I wish homeowners wouldn’t attempt to fix their own homes”
  12. I’ve seen the glasses in game many times, so I’m assuming this was fixed.
  13. I used to play DDTS back in the day ! Welcome to our forums, hope you like it here !