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  1. Have a great trip man, see you when you get back!
  2. Thanks for your time here at GamePunch man ! It sure was fun while it lasted, hope to see you around for a visit once in awhile bud !
  3. Some of my hobbies are: small engine repair/restoration, wood working, tree harvesting and working on my cars
  4. Congrats my man, good luck with training !
  5. Sorry to hear man Is it a write off or can you possibly repair what was broken ??
  6. Glad to hear you had a good judge man, 4 years would of been rough
  7. Welcome to the forums Gucci, glad to see you applied for member !
  8. Welcome to the forums Tooz, hope you enjoy it here !!
  9. Welcome to the forums, hope to see you in game !
  10. Welcome to the forums !
  11. Toast them 100% man, gotta be hot!