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  1. Take care man ! Was great getting to know you
  2. Here's to two more years with all you beautiful people
  3. This seems like a huge amount of work for a special day and idk if it would carry enough interest for its own server. Have you ever played something like this?
  4. Sorry to see you go but glad to see you move forward in life man ! It was a pleasure watching you become a mod and grooming you to become a great Manager. I hope this isn't farewell but just see you later Here's to good times and even better friends @Noob
  5. Have the exact card lol, can play anything tbh. great card for the price
  6. Assassin Mike

    Mod+ Meeting

    I will be working but imma try my best to make it
  7. Cya around man! Good luck with future endeavors !
  8. Yeah we have !rs on MG but I agree I don't see a need for it on JB tbh