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  1. KOS, rebels don't get !wub.
  2. Sorry to hear man, best of wishes !
  3. Thanks for everything man, hope to still see you around here !
  4. Man I'm gonna miss you Wish you nothing but the best man, It's been a pleasure working with you over the last year! I hope you don't become a stranger though
  5. I’ve played this map and honestly I thought I removed it, go ahead and remove it @Nation @Mr Majestic @Alex I would but I’m currently on the road
  6. You’re my favourite h... Nice Lady
  7. It has been great having you on the staff team with me and I can honestly say that it saddens me that I don’t get to boss your bitch ass around anymore But in all honestly it’s been a pleasure working with you to make GamePunch an enjoyable experience. Btw it’s 5-6 you still owe me no scope battles until we find out who’s better haha
  8. Happy birthday !!! 🥳
  9. I told you this literally 4 times in game. If you bait knifing a vent and get killed that’s on you, you are literally trying to get yourself killed. Also you just admitted to knifing the vent regardless so why did you even claim freekill when you did indeed knife the vent ?
  10. Welcome Kartofel! Have you tried cleaning it out?
  11. Welcome SSksksksksksks... Ken
  12. Sorry to hear We are here for you!