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  1. I was saying how i disagree with someone's beliefs in the discord, got into a pretty big argument, and i was kicked/banned from the discord. That's fine. And i noticed i lost my member rank. That's also fine. But as i heard Ephex say, "this is a place for everyone!" But only the people they agree with. Because Ephex didn't agree with me. Staff have been saying this is a "repect everyone" community. What is this? An elementary school? Are you asking people to be respectful on the fucking internet? I think it's your first time here. And with no warning or anything like that I was banned and taken off the member roster! Great community.
  2. i feel like CSGO Jail will be better, because i like the maps and weapons better (i like the CSGO weapons (except the AWP and Deag) and the CSGO versions of the JB maps are more fun and have more secrets. jb_peanut is the best JB map for CSGO Edit: Don't get rid of the CSS jail server, having 2 options to choose from would be nice. If you were adding a CSGO server, i would advise a surf server. It will easily be the most populated server by far. Or a 1v1 but, thats just my opinion
  3. I think this adds another element to look out for. Ts will be fearing their inmates as well as the CTs
  4. I think Ts should be able to TK with quirks on the map. The objective of being a T is to get LR, so if Ts could TK (with out being slayed) they get closer to LR. Getting LR on jail is kinda competitive on jail (and is the whole point of being a T (maybe playing the minigames but mostly to get LR)). If this is implemented, then we should just get rid of the rule *[C12] Teamkilling is a slayable offence, unless a game is being played (dodgeball, etc.) * Or do something liike CSGO jail servers and have a latenight mode. During latenight, AFK freeze lasts until the warden gives another order, and TKing is allowed. Latenight is usually 8 pm CST to 4 am CST. but the time may be shifted to adjust to the popularity of our server
  5. Can we get rid of sprays like this on Pub and especially jail? It's not fair and its also really annoying. Imagine you are playing jb_carceris and a T rushes down the vent and sprays this on the wall in front of him. A ct follows him and shoots the spray thinking its a rebelling t. Now the T knows he is being followed also i think spray bans should not be permanent. I think it should be a long time. just not permanent. maybe like an hour spent alive? if that wouldnt be too hard
  6. i mean its part of the game. if a t is shooting at you the CTs just tell them to unstack and afk freeze. Tango worldwide has noblock and i love it. it makes parkour minigames way easier its just up to glow and what he wants to do.