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  1. I have a $60 smart phone from Wal-Mart called Orbic Wonder. I hate phones and only use mine to have food delivered to me, call my mother, and my friends call me. that's it
  2. Well the Forest has somewhat of a story to it but its basically seeing how long you can last till you figure it out. Building is a major aspect as it will help you stay alive but also attract unwanted attention. They both are building survival games but 7D2D has no story that is just building survival. Did not know that paint tid bit so thanks for that! Also agree the stamina is horrendous would like it if it can back just a little faster
  3. Paranormal things. I don't really believe in ghosts and what not but the thought of it existing is petrifying. Like what Isaac said but imagine that being something that's always there, watching, having the ability to mess with you and making you shit your pants. If poltergeist happened to me, I'd be frozen in one spot uncontrollably sobbing till i died of shock.
  4. Not even an other button? Soda is only good with alcohol in it prove me wrong Pro tip: you can if you try hard enough
  5. Theses are both survival horror games. I personally like The Forest better only because its building aspects are way more comprehensive and the graphics are way better. But 7D2D has an extremely large map, more explanation on how to build, and easier farming of resources. The enemies for these games are on way different scales. Forest enemies are quick, heavy hitters, and also swarm you w/o mercy. They do run away if there's only one of them, but will come back with a force of a hundred men. Where as 7D2D you can change the settings for enemies so they can't even run. Albeit, if you don't change the settings, every 7th day,( woah wonder where the name came from), is hoard night. If you don't have a gyro-copter your F****d, they have no problem breaking your metal house down and showing you that zombies are the new alpha species. TL;DR= Which game is a better horror survival, look up vids and debate
  6. I figured the Indi and the Prodigy were for other clans or something
  7. Girls come to me not the other way around
  8. I feel attacked @no_no_square1 jkjk. I read the rules for it and still ended up replying like a airhead. Don't worry I'll make it 1 day!
  9. That's exactly what I did as soon as I got my PC. But gaming and sleeping is basically all I've done for the Rona season
  10. T.v all the way, movies cut too many corners to be good. Ever read the Eragon books then watch the movie? Would have been way better as a series. Enough said.
  11. I started gaming on the Genesis, then the 64, and then the OG Xbox. I love both equally only because they have their own games for each its hard to pick. NO doubt MGS over Halo any day. But the gaming exp is way more hard on Xbox than PS. Im going with Xbox cuz its just nostalgia at this point.
  12. wildfire is right i worked there its just like a bag paste they put in a squeeze bottle and add at the bottom of your drink. At least thats how i remember it could be different now
  13. That's good news man, sorry you have to be apart of society again. But at least you know the main scare is gone and you can go out when you feel like it. I hate being cooped up for months. The only good thing is the amount of money i have now that i don't go to a bar every weekend. Other than that just smoking and chilling till my job re-opens.
  14. People judge me for pb and fried bologna, i say don't knock it till you try it. toast, pb, and bologna, but it cant be oscar myers go to a real deli and get the good good or else you with think its disgusting