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  1. @Stompy would that be for just wardens? Or are you suggesting everyone get a laser?
  2. that's what repeats are for even though mic spam happens. I wanna say they'd be nice and wait but its up to player discretion at that point.
  3. Build anything good lately? Working on the garage wall for new insulation and siding right now kinda proud 1 real dad project I've done alone. Wanted to see if anyone else was working on something.
  4. marinated in lemon poppy and grilled to perfection. serve with a salad and a veggie of your choosing. I would do mashed potatoes and peas.
  5. My family love collecting masks. So do I, but this is the living room at my parents.
  6. When I was in school the main thing was Choco milk with either golden grahms or Cinnamon Toast. At home Honey nut Cheerios or Honey Bunches of Oats.
  7. Lol it's for my brother's wedding but I will or would wear that to our date also thank you @Mario
  8. The jug is to create my own purifier out of bamboo and such I wish I had more detail of said island but I'm sure I can find something but I'd say 7/10 is a good scale
  9. Phone is boned don't mind the lelelelele
  10. You're my hero @Pix lelelelelelelelelelelelllelelelelelelelelelelelelel
  11. 1. Furious Fred is my #1 fav non member 2. I got zomboi on for a bit he was fun 3.any regular player(nightmare, <><, ECT.) Always a hoot to play with these bros