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  1. Mephisto


    Bruh, like.... shit just hasn't been like it used to be. It just doesn't feel like its mine, but fair enough tho This is one of the songs I've been listening to recently
  2. Mephisto


    I used to listen to rap too, though where I live German rap is really trendy, I always was a pure english rap fan. But rap just keeps getting worse I feel like.
  3. Mephisto


    For the music lovers out there, Whats your favorite type of music you like listening to? I for myself enjoy a lot of Future Bass/Hardstyle. Though I do every now and then I enjoy a mix of Chill beats and Techno.
  4. Hey Questionable, you still create sprays for people? I have a file that for some reason I can't convert into a spray and I'm just too dumb/lazy to do it myself. Would you do me a favor and help me out with it?
  5. Mephisto

    Worst fights!

    I could never relate to these situations. I've never had a really serious escalated situation. The worst experience I've had so far was me fighting someone about the word "Trap" and its context. First and last time I ever got into an arguement about the general topic of gender.
  6. Using that cheap ass Samsung A40. Used the have a Samsung S8 Note, but couldn't handle the size of that thing
  7. Mephisto

    Summer Plans

    Gonna drive to Croatia for about 8 hours. Lots of Beaches to visit and clubs to party at, just hoping Covid isn't gonna ruin it all before we get there.