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  1. Did I hear that you wanted another personal Futa Subway spray, Indi? One with triple the futa? On it~
  2. It's been a long while since I made sprays for people, so here you go... Cursed Sprays 2: Electric Boogaloo Indi's Personal Spray You can ask for whatever spray you want me to make, just know that I'm not going to make any of these type of sprays: Offensive/Disturbing Sprays (If you're going to ask for pornographic/18+ sprays, please message me through Discord for that type of thing, not here.) When requesting for sprays, please make sure you're specific in what you want for your spray, since I will be taking liberties when creating it. If you're going to ask for an animated spray, understand that the quality of it will degrade the more frames are added to it to keep it as smooth as possible. With that out of the way, send some requests in~
  3. I still am, but I'm waiting for my computer to get fixed so I can continue on making sprays.
  4. The Cursed Sprays Collection A collection of mostly every spray I made for the GP community. This is not a spray request page, as that thread will be titled "Cursed Sprays 2: Electric Boogaloo" when the time comes for it. All sprays will be shown in order of creation up until the Discord sprays, where the Discord sprays will be out of order. Also, "Cursed Sprays" is pronounced "Curse-zed Sprays" if anyone cared to know. Discord Sprays
  5. Study hard in school, Dynamic. And you know what they always say...
  6. I might upload more if I can find some really good ones... Cyberia Lyr 1.mp3 Sewerslvt - Cyberia lyr3 (1).mp3 Sewerslvt - Euphoric Filth (Cheru's Theme).mp3 Sewerslvt - Oni.mp3 Sewerslvt - RSOD.mp3
  7. It wouldn't feel the same playing JB without hearing your voice... Take care, Chaos. And one last thing to you... No cap.
  8. I'm in the same boat with you (except my computer is going to have a new soul in its dead corpse). Hope your computer building goes well~
  9. I'll miss you, Nation. You were pretty fun to be around with on JB and loved when you decided to go abuse your admin powers (in a non-abusive way, of course). I hope you do well in the future... And I guess I do owe you a "kith" for all the blondie sprays I made for you~
  10. Due to an inconvenient hard drive failure (i.e. hard drive refuses to spin up) and all my data most likely going to be lost during the manufacturer repair, I'm going to be gone from GP for a month or two. I'll still pop in Discord to chat and stuff, but I won't be able to hang out with you guys on the servers until I get my computer back and attempt to rebuild my z_last folder. So for now... Sayonara...
  11. Buttermilk Chicken. The taste from just biting into it.... It's just so flipping GOOD!