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  1. GBA Fire Emblem’s. Advanced Wars. NBA Street and SSX Tricky for GameCube. The OG Rollercoaster Tycoon
  2. Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets. I agree with you on ranch all the way Lemon pepper or original hot is what I get, but it's because though I love spicy, my body can't handle it. I wish I could get spicier sauces on my wings but I know I will regret it the next morning
  3. Just finished watching all of the Ocean's movies (again for the 1000th time). Ocean's Eleven is still my favorite but all 3 are great
  4. Rent freeze and student loan forgiveness lol In reality, new frames for my glasses
  5. The Polar Express is slept on. But mine's probably Home Alone. First movie I remember watching with my dad and he barely spoke English then, but was laughing his ass off
  6. I’m an LA native, so I’m a diehard Lakers and Dodgers fan. Yes, we won the Mickey Mouse ring, but a ring is a ring The Dodgers are giving me heart attacks again (thanks Dave) while my Eagles are...well, I would love to see an o-line, T1 receivers, and a secondary that isn’t limping into the stadium every game. What’s everyone’s favorite sports team/sport(s)?
  7. But you won't spend time with me. I get it... Shooting hoops, collecting fridge magnets from the places I've visited, and volunteering my time for youth (academics, sports)
  8. I don’t see this rule in the rule book but making it a rule that CTs must be with the T’s at all time. I know it’s kind of a given but a lot of times, CTs will wander off and go do their own thing. I guess it could be debated what being “with the T’s” means, but essentially they would be close enough to react to any situation quick enough so T’s can’t rebel. If a CT is caught, say in another room or playing a different map game, they’re given a warning with continued failure to follow the rule resulting in a slay and/or CT ban. I’m not sure the rule could be uniform across all mod+‘s because a CT could argue they were within the range of the T’s or a mod+ could differentiate what “being with the T’s” means. On topic: wardens shouldn’t have to warn because it is also the T’s responsibility to pay attention and ask for repeats within a reasonable amount of time
  9. I live about 30-45 minutes (no traffic) from Los Angeles but I just tell people I live in LA
  10. Just get both. Problem solved. World saved
  11. Bro, I can make all this shit and any Korean food you want. I learned from my mom at a young age. Hit me up fuck cass, hite 4 lyfe
  12. Stay up, brother. Hoping for the best for you and your family
  13. Honestly, I imagined you as bald with a beard, so I think you could pull it off =]