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  1. beautifully written, and i can relate, my first time on this server i got screwed by this and i had a huge argument with someone (later finding out it was Term and that was a perfectly acceptable thing XD) but i do feel you. However, as ive played this for a while now, it is an issue that occurs from time to time, but never an issue that occurs twise for someone (mabey once or twise in my time here) so i dont see it being too much of an issue as long as the mod+ team are there to defuse the situation and explain why. its not a tricky thing to change and honestly i found it a better way of playing normal games. I get ur argument on how cts should have the common seance to judge it, i mean thats how i use to play. But knowing this community and our players ive learnt that they will take advantage of any situation, if we have to warn someone to drop a gun 90% of the time we will get headshot in the split second we notice them having the gun. not all cts follow this rule to the letter, i for one will not kill someone who isnt threatening to shoot it can be seen but 96% of Ts who have a gun will shoot at you. i feel if this is changed then the balance of the gameplay with this player base will be far too t sided and we will get CT wipes far more often and that will be a a bad thing for player who want to play JB and not be in a standard game of css.
  2. i love you stompy i really do, but this might confuse with the admin colour, mabey if it was made a static colour? but its a great idea reguardless, defo a good addition to the !shop but as long as it dosnt conflic and confuse with the admin laser
  3. i broke up 15 days before christmas, was a mutual thing but still felt like shit already had presants for each other XD
  4. it would be different and it will piss some wardens off, cant get there easy kills/credits, however this will avoid so much drama and misunderstandings and will hopefully allow for much nicer fun rounds where people can actually play the game and not be killed for silly reasons not paying 110% attention because were here to have fun and relax not be on high alert all the time, that can get very tiring and and is one of the reasons i never play T. now all we need to do is get wardens to avoid doing math trivia to pick 4 ts to die to make it easier for them to transport!!! I want to add that if this rule dose get added it dose not mean that you cant kill people for rebelling without warning, ofc you can still kill rebellers and people trying to dip, this whole warning thing is to get around people being killed for stupid reasons. back when i use to play Ts being killed during transport wasn't even a thing, idk why it is such an issue these days.... Side thought: @Glowwhat is your reason for wanting this? is it matter of Ts dying during transport? maybe a different approach to that would be to edit CT17 to be transport orders cannot be used to kill Ts.
  5. so sad you feel that way man i really hope you the best u will be missed!
  6. with the mastercheif colection out now this would be a good idea, hoping you lot have this id be well up for some games
  7. its also to do with age and expeirance and history though, do you get no claims bonus in america?
  8. thing is there r good maps that dont get played because people dont like to try new things, unless indi advertises it XD indi mabey make a new channal on discord like modfaq but for mapremoval
  9. welcome dude!!! glad to have you here ^^ what kinda gmod u into?
  10. dam man, gna miss u telling us what to do!! u were a great admin dude, hope everything is alright outside of css for u. take it easy please dont be a stranger, ur energetic wardening will be sorly missed
  11. u about to rob someone
  12. there is no "freeday" and this covers it when a noob ct or a t manages to open the cells