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  1. Pix le

    I need your help!

    what an awsome thing to do man ngl i read marios comment in the side view thing in browser and though dam man way to stereotype, but na i was wrong XD for the dad maybe some ppe for work like a nice high vis jacket and good comfy steel toes. but ye exactly what mario said would be kinda ideal, defo something for the kids to help them through this, thats a very very impressionable age, you doing this for them and even more so if u put a bit of focus on them, they will more than likely grow up to have that mentality in mind. and tbh that would be just as big a gift as what ur already doing. alot of respect for this man, gg
  2. so the way it works atm is that a member who is a donor will show up as a donor in the tab screen, can we change it to show member or member/donor for quick identification
  3. completely get u with the carpets! ive seen him before xD
  4. i want my peice of cakkkeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! happy birthday XD
  5. dude if thats legit how you learnt to speak English fair fucking play man. dude i have no issue with ur "ACT" it is funny and it adds an energy to the server that it dose sometimes miss, the only reason its been baugh up as a bad thing is because of how much you do it and how extream you do it, just tone it down slightly. its like chocolate, you eat too much of it it becomes horible and makes u feel shit, its the same kinda thing. apart form that and this is probably more a mod thing but you do like ur conflict alot, ive seen you jump at an opportunity to have a go at someone witch when there is an issue its understandable but you tend to snap at little things (witch btw i can relate too ) dude for real if you were toned down a bit ud be an amazing person to have on the server, u r fun dude dont over do it keep the balance of life! and one more thing, you hold yourself in high reguard, witch u dont want to hold urself in low reguard but it can be over done, remember ur made of the same stuff we are
  6. can u make me a spray with a toothbrush in it? ^^
  7. i suport this, mabey 1 or 2 times a map, id probably go 1
  8. the reason this isnt really an issue for anyone is because of how language is going these days, we have so much slang that we are basically changing what words mean and making new ones, "the queens english" isnt a thing anymore people dont care about it, we can communicate well enough for what we need in an environment of an online shooting game. the thing is, english is the worst language out there, it misses so much meaning behind whats being said, for example alot of Asian languages rely very much on tones and expressions in other words body language. but English lost that and as a result had to have a way to communicate these missing aspects so we had different words for similar things ect it gets complicated i dont know it fully i just know English is a shitty language that would have died out if we didnt have such a big empire
  9. oh god fucking damit im too late....
  10. ooo on that, i had the idea of this game that as a comunity would like to play and tis free, is project reality, battle sim based on teamwork. that would be a good one to do events on to bring HLL and CSS together
  11. Pix le

    Mod+ Meeting

    7pm-5am damm thats a long meeting? XD