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  1. TY for answers I've played God of war - Dishonered - Witcher 3 - Red dead red - Heroes of the storm - Warcraft Cs-go/CSS - Black ops - Call of duty - Battlefield. And many more. Im currently playing Wither 3, but that game will also be completed sooner or later. Any other ideas for games in these genres that i've listed?
  2. Hi .. Sup. Think of this this... You can buy every game in the world, no matter the price.. But you just don't know WHAT to buy and play. Any suggetions? Ty. Bye, Cya, Caio, Güle Güle(Turkish).
  3. Got it Maj And sorry Tony.. haha. Will not happen again
  4. Hello guys. I accidently reported Mr. Tony for hacking.. xD... ITS NOT TRUE.. So can you guys or anyone who can remove that report?. Thanks.. I did it through JB in CSS. Sorry for it. He is a good guy.
  5. Thanks for the share m8.. Ill def look into this.
  6. Guys im down for any kind of music.. As long it isn't heavy, rock or shit... - Jimmah, i love u toooo thee mooon and a lil bit back to earth.
  7. No rock, metal or anything like that.... - Im more down for some rap(But not only that!) . Ill put on a song so you know what kind of rap i mean..
  8. Oh my - ooh my ... It's the real sleazy!..