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  1. Thanks for the share m8.. Ill def look into this.
  2. Guys im down for any kind of music.. As long it isn't heavy, rock or shit... - Jimmah, i love u toooo thee mooon and a lil bit back to earth.
  3. Looks great. - Thanks for the share.
  4. No rock, metal or anything like that.... - Im more down for some rap(But not only that!) . Ill put on a song so you know what kind of rap i mean..
  5. Oh my - ooh my ... It's the real sleazy!..
  6. Hellow old friend. haha welcome
  7. Me personally, im kinda all around when it comes to music. (Not rock) Any good music?
  8. June 5 Remember my PRESENT.
  9. Your mom is probably a woman!