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  1. Ryze

    Rule A08

    No rule A08 , if faggot is allowed then allow all words unless somebody is blatantly harassing somebody , you cant single out one word , if im allowed to say faggot why cant i say the nword ? or why can i not call somebody a furry ?
  2. or you can just yaknow.. do the order that the warden said and not get killed ?
  3. Ryze


    im gonna wallhack
  4. I play CT a lot lol and I can tell you it’s not very hard to keep track of who threw a nade , if more than 1 person have a nade , just unstack them and check the people who have nades , if they didn’t throw the nade then they should still have it , and majority of the time when somebody throws the nade they do damage to a CT which causes the plug-in to say they are a rebel , now if the chance that the nade didn’t hit any CT , then they should still have the nade regardless .
  5. Mw2 is literally THE best call of duty out of all of them lmao easily.
  6. damn bruh this unexpected af , wish you the best and you know you can always hit my phone if you need sum , probably wont be long till i get perm banned now that you gone nice playing with you , wish you all the best yb.
  7. making the warden give warnings defeats the point of being warden like if im gonna have to warn regardless i may as well just bhop around like every other CT.
  8. Ryze

    9mm vs .45

    Eh , .45's are good but I prefer 9mm because I have a Glock 19x the peanut butter color and Its my favorite one yet.