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  1. Can you make me one of those holographic sprays with meliodas & diane from seven deadly sins ? thank you
  2. actually can you make me an animated one using my steam profile pic ? if you not too busy thank you
  3. I never seen them either but they look like they smackkkk lmao
  4. I like macaroni and ketchup
  5. Hennessy Ciroc Crown Royale
  6. Mountain Dew is disgusting but that tropical sprite be hitting different when you have cotton mouth
  7. I got into PCs when I was around 6 I always used to go to an Internet cafe and play CSS & now im 18 so it kinda just stuck with me through the years
  8. I guess my favorite rapper that is “popular” would be lil Durk . But y’all should definitely check out my brothers song , it’s definitely a banger . https://youtu.be/7onrHLUdy-U