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  1. Pretty much any coffee you put in front of me I will drink (as long as it's not flavored, like pumpkin spice).
  2. Good to see you back again! It's been a long time.
  3. Honestly, good riddance. I get you're mad or whatever that you got demoted, but insinuating stuff like this is about as immature as it gets. This isn't the proper way to handle criticism; take it like a man and improve on your skills. Don't receive a demotion and run for the hills. I think this post does nothing but to prove that you are immature. If anything, it shows that you just cared about the power of being an admin, not the community. If you cared about the community and wanted it to improve, you would do something about it rather than leaving. You were an admin, you had plenty? Did you bring these feelings to anyone while you were still apart of the community? Did you ever tell Huge, Mike, Connor, or Glow that you had concerns about the community? Good luck to you and your future endeavors, and I hope that you learned something useful and applicable by being apart of this community. If you genuinely feel like you say you did in this post in the future, bring it up to employers / friends / whomever it might be. Are you stupid? I can guarantee if you told indi to send you a screenshot of the balance in the paypal he would.
  4. Appreciate all the time you’ve put into the server man! Looking forward to its official release.
  5. I doubt it was hacked, but it could be something else messing with his account (brother/cousin/friend/etc.). I can temporarily ban his account until it gets sorted out. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I have banned the account; if someone can please try to contact him in game / on steam and talk to him, I would appreciate it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Given his behavior on the server and his steam account, I actually think it did get hacked.
  6. E39 M5 was way better than the E36, and I liked the body style a lot more. I decided to sell the M5 though because gas was killing my bank account and got a more fuel-effieicnt car. The Mazda was crap, so the Camry is definitely better than it.
  7. What are you getting your PhD in? I just started my first semester myself.
  8. (Past) ’98 Honda Accord ’93 BMW E36 318is (Euro spec) ’00 BMW M5 ’06 Mazda 3 (Current) ’08 Toyota Camry
  9. Double posting b/c I'm updating the previous post / addressing it. Issue has been resolved; it was actually disabled through worldguard (I probably misclicked and accidentally disabled it in the main world).
  10. I’ll be home later; I’ll try to figure it out then.
  11. McMMO should be enabled; is it not?
  12. It truly has been a pleasure Scott. I wish you the best of luck to whatever life brings your way.
  13. I feel like I've heard this get mentioned before.
  14. So, as all of you know (or should know), I stepped down from Manager last month due to a lot of stuff going on in my life (good things). I'm just writing this to let everyone know that I will be pretty much unresponsive for the foreseeable future. I'm too busy with IRL stuff to continue really playing CS:S or deal with setting up new servers / developing plugins. I will try to continue working on the Jailbreak plugin when I have time, but no promises on that front since I don't really have time; @Shawn is working on it as well, and I have no clue if he wants to continue working on it. He has access to all the source code. I ask that you all please respect this and not continue to ask me directly about plugins / maps / etc. for the servers; put in a request on the forums and I'm sure a Staff+ will respond with what they think about it. I've still been receiving a good amount of private messages since stepping down from numerous people.