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  1. Double posting b/c I'm updating the previous post / addressing it. Issue has been resolved; it was actually disabled through worldguard (I probably misclicked and accidentally disabled it in the main world).
  2. I’ll be home later; I’ll try to figure it out then.
  3. McMMO should be enabled; is it not?
  4. It truly has been a pleasure Scott. I wish you the best of luck to whatever life brings your way.
  5. I feel like I've heard this get mentioned before.
  6. So, as all of you know (or should know), I stepped down from Manager last month due to a lot of stuff going on in my life (good things). I'm just writing this to let everyone know that I will be pretty much unresponsive for the foreseeable future. I'm too busy with IRL stuff to continue really playing CS:S or deal with setting up new servers / developing plugins. I will try to continue working on the Jailbreak plugin when I have time, but no promises on that front since I don't really have time; @Shawn is working on it as well, and I have no clue if he wants to continue working on it. He has access to all the source code. I ask that you all please respect this and not continue to ask me directly about plugins / maps / etc. for the servers; put in a request on the forums and I'm sure a Staff+ will respond with what they think about it. I've still been receiving a good amount of private messages since stepping down from numerous people.
  7. Yeah I would definitely just trim it up; go to a barber shop and get it done there even.
  8. It’s an issue at the beginning of the round; I’m assuming it has something to do with the Store plugin.
  9. Regardless, the last CT should still take Warden, even if he/she doesn't have a mic.
  10. Unless he was AFK and an admin kicked him, your friend should not have been kicked. Follow up in this thread if it happens again w/ a timestamp and I’ll look into it.
  11. Try reconnecting in about 5 minutes and see if this is fixed.
  12. Since this resolved itself, I'm going to go ahead and lock it and move it.
  13. Biggest struggle I'd say I have is my attitude. Someone has to try very hard to offend or bother me, so I end up thinking others are the same way, so I come off as a dick to a lot of people. I've cut a lot of bad habits pretty soon after I developed them, so I was lucky with that.
  14. With Apple, you're also paying for convenience and a pretty damn good operating system. It's just like the dealership that tried to charge me $278 for something that costs $50.
  15. It's been good having you here man; good luck with everything moving forward!