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  1. BOOO PATRIOTS BOOOOOOO! welcome tho
  2. Ephex

    CS:S Prop Hunt

    Sorry but that is incorrect lol. CS:S PH is still fun though, but it will never be as well oiled as Gmod's version. I played on HG's PH server back in 2010 all the time
  3. Pretty much any food is comfort food for me. But one of my favorite things to make is Mac n Cheese, but I slow cook it in a crock pot, alllll different kinds of cheese added to it. It’s going to give me diabetes for sure.
  4. Never heard of it, I've been playing JB and CSS since 2009, sounds kinda cool though, seems like a more primitive jailbreak.
  5. Ephex

    Hey y'all

    xTcR has a popping Jb back in the day, I played there a good bit for a while, I have still seen a few people that still sport their tags on our servers.
  6. Ephex

    Hey y'all

    Welcome to the forums! I played with you a bit earlier today on JB. What past communities have you connected with? Maybe we have encountered each other before.
  7. Welcome to the forums, glad tommy could convince you to join lol
  8. Same except I only eat them toasted.
  9. This is awesome, welcome to the community little GP Paul
  10. My earliest memory of GP would have to be of when you opened the website to the public. Been here every day since. Edit: I guess I will clarify a little more. When EgN was floundering, and no one played there anymore, I followed Indi to a IIRC some random MG server and he was talking with everyone else that also followed about starting his own community, so thats technically where I came in, I encouraged him to do so, I believed it would do well, and GP really exceeded any expectations I could have had.
  11. Processors: Intel Core 2 Duo E5300 Memory: 2GB of shared dual channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 800 MHz. Chipset: Intel G41 Express Chipset. Graphics Processor: integrated Intel GMA Graphics Hard Drive: 500 GB I had a 2009 Dell Inspiron 537s
  12. Ephex


    This is one of my favorite intros. Welcome.