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  1. Name him Warden. Lil Warden.
  2. I don’t have sleep paralysis, at least that I can remember but I do suffer from adult night terrors, not a common thing, and had made sleeping a bit of a chore at this point. Most of the time I don’t even remember the dreams, I just wake up screaming or out of breathe from moaning or yelling in my sleep. When they first started when I was 20(4 years ago) I could remember the dreams vividly, they were usually stuff I was that was horrifying to people, as they felt real and like I was awake, getting into car crashes and being beat to death/stabbed to death is most common, I usually woke up as the intensity peaked.
  3. They really are pulling out all the stops. I’ve always wanted a reward for my 10 years of dedication now, I hope they do that justice.
  4. Ephex

    Can't stand it!

    Passive aggressiveness is the easiest and quickest way to set me off.
  5. Welcome to GamePunch! Excited to have you here, and to try out those maps.
  6. Welcome to the forums! I played on Interscope from time to time way back in the day.
  7. I was in a DoDS movie once way back in 2010 I think, never watched the end result, or if it was even ever finished. Also havent played it since. Also I hate the recoil
  8. Ephex

    Good Morning!

    stokers wintergreen boyo
  9. Ephex

    Good Morning!

    Wake up at 5:30, get dressed finish packing my lunch, drive to work and enjoy some dip while I drive(takes an hour to get there), then I come home at 3 and play with my kids and if I have some free time I’ll play CSS and do admin stuff also.
  10. I watched 13 Ghosts as a young kid, I was probably between the ages of 6-8, I had just never seen something so violent and Gory. Also Deliverance. I saw the rape scene to deliverance when I was even younger and that was pretty traumatizing.
  11. I know this is a late response but I am sad to see you go, this was not the right way to do things, demotion or not you are still respected around here and everyone likes having you around, I hope you’ll stop back by here and at least play with us still, from time to time.
  12. Ephex

    hey boys

    We all love Connor. But yes IGOR is a great album, I love it, and im not much of a tyler fan. Earfquake is goat also long time no see, good to see you around
  13. Welcome to the community Chippy, I met a guy in the 9th grade(2008) that everyone called Chippy. He’s still one of my best friends so this day. All Hail Chippy.