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  1. Effective immediately I'm stepping down as Mod - it's been fun but I can't fulfil the role to the best of my ability atm
  2. I was ex EgN mod and one day Indi told me about GP and I havent looked back since. I've worked my way through the ranks of pleb to Mod, then to Mod, then Mod
  3. Good luck with everything @Dunder - you've done a lot for the community and we wish you the best
  4. The meeting is 3:30 am for me, so probably not
  5. until

    Now my GPU has shit itself and now the computer wont post - with everything going on it might be a few days until I can get it sorted
  6. until

    Given the timezone, please understand if I dont make it given it will be 3am here, and I'll probably be tucked in with my partner
  7. This all looks really cool - happy to do one for me gents?
  8. I watch this dude - the king of Reeeeeelaxxxxxxx
  9. Fred asked me to add this one in:- Can we get it so dead players can only talk to themselves? He understands that complicated with GP members etc, but I said I would add it
  10. We will see if I have to isolate - if im postive then I'll be there, otherwise I'll be at work
  11. Congratulations peoples on your promotions - long live Game Punch
  12. I have seen a few rounds where everyone has died - thus the reason for the suggestion
  13. I've seen a few times in the past few days this spray path order - ie spray your spray and make a path and if your feet are touching the ground then you are killed. This has been quite toxic, and open to too much interpretation, particularly when the warden say "all cts can kill" With the known video mapping discrepancies, this only seems like kd farming.