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  1. I'll also be stepping down from the community. A community I love but some members/ mods/ admins have thought it appropriate to denigrate me on my decision to step down as mod. I'm disapppointed but you'll still see me around - just not as much
  2. Effective immediately I'm stepping down as Mod - it's been fun but I can't fulfil the role to the best of my ability atm
  3. I was ex EgN mod and one day Indi told me about GP and I havent looked back since. I've worked my way through the ranks of pleb to Mod, then to Mod, then Mod
  4. Good luck with everything @Dunder - you've done a lot for the community and we wish you the best
  5. The meeting is 3:30 am for me, so probably not
  6. until

    Now my GPU has shit itself and now the computer wont post - with everything going on it might be a few days until I can get it sorted
  7. until

    Given the timezone, please understand if I dont make it given it will be 3am here, and I'll probably be tucked in with my partner
  8. This all looks really cool - happy to do one for me gents?
  9. I watch this dude - the king of Reeeeeelaxxxxxxx
  10. Fred asked me to add this one in:- Can we get it so dead players can only talk to themselves? He understands that complicated with GP members etc, but I said I would add it
  11. We will see if I have to isolate - if im postive then I'll be there, otherwise I'll be at work
  12. Congratulations peoples on your promotions - long live Game Punch
  13. I have seen a few rounds where everyone has died - thus the reason for the suggestion