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  1. We can all say that I have been the best edition to this server so far
  2. same here in Michigan, in January sometimes it'll be 60 degrees for no odd reason
  3. The worst game ive ever played has to be fortnite, the community is sooo bad and everyone is such a tryhard sweat.
  4. I agree with nation because if your a ct and you dont have a mic then you should be swapped over someone with a mic being swapped, instead of saying like "first ct to die gets swapped to T"
  5. I was born in the upper peninsula of Michigan but then moved to the lower peninsula which in some way the lower peninsula is better but I like both
  6. Ya Daddy Noob will bhob across the map and kill the whole ct team before anyone knows whats happening
  7. I'm feeling pretty good, in a good mood over all today
  8. I don't think they need to warn because they were told the rules and orders so they shouldn't need to warn, but I do agree with the rule that the other ct's need to warn because they didn't tell the rules and they could have misheard and just kill without a warn
  9. dang its always been fun playing on the server with you sleeping and even though you dont really know me you were always really funny and nice to play with.