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  1. Almost got 'em all. No problem, you'll get 'em next go.
  2. Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker.
  3. I do some singing but more so metal vocals (yes, the growly ones) as a hobby in my free time. I used to play drums/guitar/bass casually but since moving to my own apartment I have none of that available, looking to purchase some of it when my life stabilizes a bit. Other than music related things I uh... Smoke a lot of cigarettes? I'm realizing how little I do lmao
  4. This entire section here. Mod apps should have more applicable questions than "Why should you be a mod" because the answer ends up being the same every single time. Questions that propose situations with a difficult moderating decision to be made would really showcase who does and does not know how to effectively moderate an online community. As for the obscuration of comments on mod apps, all of the major boons and handicaps of it have been mentioned already but I do really want to highlight what Pudding said. Lots of people don't get to sit on the server for 12 hours a day to observe how some people act when certain other people are online or if a certain rule is brought up, etc. Having those open comments can really enlighten you on how the person may at when you're not around, which is a valuable asset for someone on the mod+ team because people act different when you guys aren't on the server, and I'm sure you already knew that.
  5. My first impressions (about a week ago) were mostly noting the uncoordinated mod+ team and ledger of rules. Other than those things it's an incredible community that knows how to have fun. I really don't care about Jailbreak, I've played thousands of hours so it's boring to me at this point, I pretty much just play there for the people, there's a lot of good ones here.
  6. +1. In the last couple days there have been 3-4 people consistently joining CT without mics that will instantly slay as soon as they have to take warden and the round will end. Really boring way to end every round on a map because people are wanting to rebel and kill wardens right away.