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  1. This is so fucking awesome! this is so Fred. I wish he was allowed to play the Harmonica just for shits and giggles at all times.
  2. 1. @Chaos Boss 2. @Noob 3. @Shawn
  3. My first phone was a red Razor Flip Phone, my first smart phone was a I-Phone 4.
  4. I currently own a Black I-Phone X. I have debated upgrading to the newest gen Google Pixel for it's beautiful camera.
  5. Gunner813

    9mm vs .45

    I own a Taurus G2C 9mm. It is my carry weapon of choice cause it is easy to conceal and very light.
  6. I love it thank you @A Questionable Profile! I would love to request the other one you had planned too if you would let me have it
  7. Pass one my way! I only need one so I can play some next gen games on High or extreme! Everything else in my PC is ok, but back to the topic at hand! I have a AMD Rx 580 4Gb. It runs all the current games but a lot of them I have to run on low because it just has the 4Gb and can’t manage to output what’s necessary to make the games look beautiful.
  8. But none the less I welcome you Stompy with open arms.
  9. I already miss No No Square.
  10. @A Questionable Profile could you please make me a spray. Something weeb or something with some good dark humor would be great.
  11. Markiplier Good Mythical Morning Node Soviet Womble H20 Delirious Smii7y Team Edge (This and the two below were all a part of Hi-5 Studios) Battle Universe (Discontinued sadly) Rekt (Discontinued sadly)
  12. Gunner813

    Bruh moments

    Watching a video of this buddy of mine snorting a line and rising up from it like he just received the power of He-Man. He then proceeded to shout at the sky like some deranged meme kid.
  13. Unfortunately I disagree with you @Nation but my ol’ lady on the other hand. She would agree entirely that Dr. Pepper is the dominate one in this debate. I personally will go with none of these options and say a Ginger Ale is what hits home nice and easy, especially when it’s a burning hot summer day.
  14. So, I am new here to GamePunch, but I would love to become a member of this fine community. The people I have played with out of this community are great. On my first night of playing among them in the Jail Break server, everyone was friendly, kind and generally fun to be around. After playing about 4 hours on the Jail Break server I came the website and made a account, cause I wanted that Member tag in the server. I wanted to show this community off every where I played on Steam. Unfortunately it was to no avail as you have some requirements to hit before you are allowed to become a member in this community, but that is alright. I will get there. This community is the first I have played with in a long time and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I can't wait to rock that GP tag on my name and be a member of this fine establishment. @no_no_square1 you're still a cheating ass at Deagle Toss.