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  1. School lol. Still gonna play from time to time but yeah.
  2. Student that's getting fucked over by grade prediction algorithm in the UK
  3. RX 580 Personally never gonna buy AMD again. No shadowplay and crap support for OBS and Premiere pro.
  4. _dynamic

    Obs issues

    OBS Studio is great and all for recording but not very friendly. If you have an AMD graphics card try Radeon's Software and if you have an Nvidia Graphics card use shadowplay.
  5. How much do you pay for insurance over in the US?
  6. Happy to see you guys care and are taking steps to better the community.
  7. I would have them in a different order but the maps are solid.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4KNd0Yv6d0
  9. Hi. Gonna keep this short. I'm not new to Gamepunch, CSS or Jailbreak but you probably don't recognise me so i'll go ahead and say... Hi I'm _dynamic and only play CS:S Jailbreak when it comes to the Gamepunch servers. Will probably apply to become a member when I've spent a bid more time with the community and may apply for moderator after that if I enjoy my time and decide to make the commitment. Thanks for reading!
  10. Film Photography
  11. _dynamic


    School in the UK is very different from what it is over in the US. I'm in Year 11 at 16 y/o which is my final year. The order goes: Primary ---> Secondary ---> College ---> University. Grades you get in Secondary are used when applying to University. Thanks to the outbreak I got to skip my finals (GCSE's) completely. Teachers usually give a fuck when it comes to their students . Public schools are standard and very few people actually attend Private schools. Public schools (as expected) perform marginally worse then Private mostly due to the lower level students not attending private schools due to costs or other social reasons.