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  1. I am taking my leave from this community for good. I will never come back, so don't be worried. Worst kind of torture for a finn (finnish person), who is forced to play on an American server past midnight. I'll be also quitting completely from playing this garbage game, so I don't need to be anymore recalled back by my nostalgic traumas I got playing on your servers or any other Jailbreak servers from past 8 years. I am moving on with my life, so thanks for giving me this boost, everyone! Take care and see ya never! - RustyDelcon
  2. I feel adrift - floating - like someone's pulled the stopper on my reality and I'm SUCKED down the drain into something new. It's all very exciting really. You wouldn't know what that feels like, I'm sure. - The Joker

  3. Perfect chill music to relax to, just close your eyes and imagine yourself at the ocean by the island of Númenor.
  4. It's a very hot and sunny day here in Finland +32 celsius. (taken two weeks ago)
  5. Pretty standard issue, the 55gal jug is quite a big container tho just for water. Curious how are you going to get the water though purified, so you can drink it. 7/10.
  6. Well done for a first timer, I sure as hell couldn't do it that well.
  7. Sorry for your big loss. I hope you take your time to grieve and eventually will move on from there.
  8. RustyDelcon


    Any musical genre goes besides jazz. I've been lately getting to listen more to Post-Black Metal, since it's both mine and my 2nd older brother's jam.
  9. RustyDelcon


  10. Very clever and valuable choices, I will you a 8/10 for these options. Thumbs up!
  11. Type below in the chat what you would choose and what you feel most comfortable with taking with you on a deserted island. Three choices only and no cheating! (aka a truck filled with stuff, a bookshelf with several books etc etc.) My options are: A water purifier A hammock A machete. Try to be creative with your answers and I might give them accordingly a 1-10 rating as well!
  12. I could do with some delicious watermelon-mango ice cream right now, how about ya'll?

  13. Mr Sark. If you have never heard of him before, honestly what are you doing in Youtube? He makes insanely good wise cracks and gives out amazing wisdom from all sort of subjects that you would not even believe was true. Like the size of a whale penis, for instance! Check out his stuff, you'll love his black humor especially.
  14. Spiders and sharks. I have seen enough movies and played games (unknowingly) to have seen more than enough of these freaks of nature.