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  1. How do we combine the community when it is spread across a few different games? What do you see the best community outreach being outside of the games themselves?
  2. Hell Let Loose has been extremely active, and we've seen a significant number of people come in from it to be members. How many mods do we have for Hell Let Loose, and will the mod application process be the same for them?
  3. YOU WANNA GO? *spit* *spit* Welcome Silent.
  4. Hey quip, welcome! Let us know if you have any questions.
  5. As someone who has never played CS:GO JB, what are the major differences?
  6. 1:27 - 1:35 daddy.mp3
  7. Welcome! I don't think I've had a chance to be on the same time as you, but I'm sure we'll meet at some point. Make sure you join the Discord if you haven't already. A lot of times they'll be calls to join a specific server and get things moving. Being a good warden comes with being confident and time played, seeing how others do so and developing your ability with practice. You will be rebelled against more rounds than not so sometimes having other competent CTs is key. Anyway, enjoy your time here and let us know if you have any questions.
  8. It's a 15% minimum of the total, with my family and I. Members of my family have worked waiter/waitressing jobs so they're real understanding for others. On special occasions, like Christmas Eve, we've tipped $100 just as a nice surprise for whoever is having to work them.
  9. Best of luck man. Come back and tell how things are going sometime.
  10. I don't like the idea to be honest. Half the time when you die as a CT, you're not even sure where from. Adding more randomness to the equation would only make a lot more maps even more T sided.
  11. Can those gloves be server side? That would be some really good branding.
  12. I do a lot of work in a medical facility, and the requirements are STRICT. I have to have an escort anywhere I go, regardless of how long I'm there.
  13. In an active server, a warning can get lost in chat pretty quickly. I think a T with a mic looking to be a CT should have priority over a CT without a mic.
  14. I've got the Index, but I have really poor vision, and cannot wear glasses with it on, and can't wear contacts in general. I'm looking into getting prescriptions lenses for it, but I have to get an eye exam and COVID kinda put a hold on that.