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  1. I honestly enjoy the Rust server a lot, but I think we should maybe bring back /home or /tp, maybe not both, but at least one. Also to note, I think we should maybe change the wipe from every three days to every five days.
  2. @Chaos Boss get yo bars in here bro
  3. Holy Shit.First chaos, now dildo, who’s next? Dandy? but fr tho mate, welcome back
  4. Xx_Neko_xX

    Rule A08

    ^^^^ +1 This would probably work out pretty well. Maybe make the rule: [A08]- Freedom of speech is welcome, unless it it racist or used to harass somebody. N-word with an -a is alright. The N-word with an -er, is very much unwelcome. (something along that line or somethin)
  5. Definitely a manual, (any year) Subaru brx, wrx, or impreza with a shit ton of mods . They just look so nice and I am very ond of Subaru's durability.
  6. Either Ketchup lays chips or salt and vinegar lays
  7. F in the chat, but hopefully you find better adventures man. Was a good ride playing jb with you man
  8. I think I am feelin lucky with the number 74.
  9. wahhhh wahhh wahhh, time to call the waaahhh-mbulance @Soul
  10. ig-name; log-icalio steamid; idc server or sum shit; uh discord headass what happened broski; he hates mullets proof: none witness: soull, bonkers
  11. Good Evening Game Punch and Happy Holidays! Do any of you guys have any special plans for this week/weekend? If so, what do you plan to do? Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season