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  1. Love u too stompy , not gonna give you a fuck you Bc you’ve been great while I’ve been on. You’re really helpful and one of my favorite admin/mod members
  2. This server has been fun while I was on it. But the people are just so damn toxic. There are the select few that are cool, but the rest, nahh. Anywho. I’m no longer a member. I will still maybe play again when I get a working computer. farewell fuckers
  3. Do you have to donate a certain amount to get the Donator/Member+ tag?
  4. Gamepunch’s got talent again sometime soon? I think it would maybe be fun and beneficial within the community to have some more events that aren’t within a game.
  5. Xx_Neko_xX


    Damn noob, you should come by my work sometime. We split our tips and bro 100 would make our days lmfao xD Id say my service is p good too anyways
  6. I think the private comments would be an amazing idea personally, but maybe have it to where the comments go public after a decision has been made. If you think about it, let’s say player X gets denied on their mod app, and they don’t see the comments, they won’t know where to improve before they reapply. I feel like that’s something That could be overall helped in the community is the transparency. Like helping people improve as members, mods, admins, etc. because there’s always ways some people can improve.
  7. Im looking through this and I am seeing the questions about the secrets in Spy v Spy... So if the wall break is a secret and is KOS, would it be KOS if i see them pick up the head behind it. Like let say a fictional scenario. Im a ct and i hear the wall being knifed, right when i get to the cell, its already broke, but the T has not gotten to the mask/head thing yet. If i watch them pick it up, would it be considered a secret? Furthermore, would that be KOS?
  8. GP will miss you, Nation. You have impacted this community on a wide scale level, whether that be the skins you have created, the bitch slaps you give us to fuck with us, or anything else. We will miss it all. I hope maybe one day you might come back on and hang out with us for a little bit, but I obviously know that might not be possible. I wish you didn't have to leave because of the trolls. It would have been better if it was just because you wanted to, and not that you necessarily needed to. Farewell, Nation.
  9. I work at ritas doing italian ice or frozen custard shit used to work at five guys.....fuck five guys..
  10. Xx_Neko_xX

    Mod+ Meeting

    I cannot be there due to work. I work til 4pm est that day. got taken off the schedule for tomorrow, will be attending.
  11. but the real question is, chick fil a or popeye's chicken sandwich.
  12. So what are y'all's favorite fast food places? or just restaurants in general? Mine is probably Chick-fil-a.
  13. My favorites are the baja blast freeze from taco bell. Its like cocaine to me, super addicting XD.
  14. Welcome to the forums! I just got off jb and it was fun playing with you, you are a super chill dude (and I call almost everyone dude so please don't get offended thinking i am assuming your gender ahaha). If you ever need anything do not be afraid to reach out to others within the community. Looking forward to seeing you on more :3