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  1. Your introduction has been denied. Please post your departure and reapply for an introduction in 14 days. Thank you
  2. Sky


    My mini zoo so far nova(rescued in feb) - cat over 1 yr old. Kiko ( got her in feb) - dog, 7 months. blue(rescued in june) - kitten like 4 months or so idk
  3. Mine was rc cars. Had a huge hummer that was a couple feet tall. Was in elementary school at the time my brother brang it by and some kid sat on it and broke it the shell of it. That's the only toy I really remember having. Also had like baby dolls that my siblings would toss out the window from the 2nd floor and catch it outside.
  4. Completely agree. Many times people die for simple misclicks, not knowing afk freeze or mishearing an order. Bopping around and not following the order would be kos I assume considering its a delay. I think since delaying and devouring are kos they're should be no need for a warning. Other than that warning should be a must it would stop people from dying at the very start and having to wait 5+ minutes for the round to end because they accidentally jumped or crouched during an afk freeze
  5. What is one thing you like about GamePunch?: Love some people in the community, they are welcoming always willing to pop into discord say hi and what not. What is one thing you dislike about GamePunch?: Not enough involvement of the community in regards to rules and such What is one thing you would change about GamePunch?: Wish there was more trust for the admin team and etc I dont see why the cant use special days or respawn. involve the community more, along with making sure all mods/admins and sm are on the same page, noticed many times now mods think 1 way of a secret or rules and admins another and sm anothee Which Mod(s) and/or Admin(s) do you think are worthy of a promotion?: Honestly none. I dont see any stand out to be deserving of a higher position. I think they all suit there roles as they stand Which games would you like to see introduced to GamePunch?: Would like to see more invovlment from the player base into other games before adding more games
  6. Weeeeoooo weeeeeoooo Wetard alert
  7. Sky

    Favorite Candy

    i dont have a favourite candy, but favourite food would be poutines
  8. Sounds a whole lot different than he looks tbh, i would never expect to makaj to look like that XD idk what i expected
  9. Sky

    Public Apology

    Considering none of you guys were there and saying were being sensitive is ridicoulous. most of us just heard spud saying " i thought she was 18" and no one was laughing or seeing it as a joke. We simply said you shouldnt joke like that cause people have been banned multiple times for making jokes about pedophile. So its not about being sensitive its simply about pedophilia shouldnt be used in a joking mattter.1
  10. Depends on the day and how i slept. sometimes a brush, sometimes scissors you never know really. sometimes i just live with the mop look
  11. I agree no cheating should be implied unless stated otherwise including map games and lrs
  12. Stay strong girl, dont let him see you upset, if hes gonna be a douche then fuck him and move on. youll find someone better thats more worth your time and deserving of it. Stay motivated and leave his ass.
  13. Yeah she's cute loves pets and def a big help with anxiety and stuff
  14. Love the post, i feel ya nation. i came also from an abusive household, heard alot of fights between my parents, siblings and such to the point i have PTSD over people yelling i just get anxiety and paranoid. It was to the point if someone raised their hand to even wave at me i would be terrified, anyways my mom was my glue and my word, but she got sick with stage 4 brain cancer. shit all seemed hard and like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I ended up moving out to a different city (my mom was in rehabilitation at this point). Started renting a house with my bf, got a new motorcycle and now im the mama of my 2 fur babies (most of you have seen my dog). There is always a positive side just dont always expect things to come to you is what ive learned. Good things happen to those who push for it.