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  1. i think you are confused cause my ass aint muted for once (::: jkjk im lost, Was fun SSYKKEE games can get frustrating it just comes down to knowing when to leave and play something else. You arnt even muted or silenced so im a little lost, only thing on sourcebans was this Before plugging staff for working hard, how bout they do a bit better than the reasoning just being "shutup" thats seems like someone isnt working very hard. Anywhooooo it was fun times syykkee sucks to see ya go but oh well it happens to the best everyone needs a break here and there
  2. Sky

    Christmas Gifts

    Im struggling to come up with gift ideas. What are something you guys want or are on your wish list? Currently my only thing is an apple watch
  3. I only use mine when other people are around tbh, no point in using them if your a good distance away from someone. I only signal when i need to actually tell someone im changing lanes
  4. clue 7- GP Got Talent Voting clue 6 - State of GamePunch For a cursed spray, n- The cursed sprays I make for people... - page 3 Give me my credits back, this skin aint all that indi. - [Bug Resolved] JB Credit Reimbursement He's never donated, but he can jump pretty good - I found a scripter - page 1 I should ask someone about this somewhere... - [Jailbreak] Q&A Thread Gunner aint that pretty - Show the Community what you look like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pt. 2 - page 3 The first one to commit - [Application] βǪǪβ Hint 9. I think he's a dev - I Guess I'll Introduce Myself Thats a lot more ghosts - neko ban appeal
  5. I have 9/10! Cant find the last one rip
  6. Sky

    Member tags

    The only reason it says member when u join was so there is no confusion on who is mod/admin. I believe thats why the whole roles in game were put there. that was theres no GP-A, GP-M kind of tags happening. Also im fairly sure u only have to wear tags on the server. if you play different games or servers you can take the tag off and go about your day.
  7. Your introduction has been denied. Please post your departure and reapply for an introduction in 14 days. Thank you
  8. Sky


    My mini zoo so far nova(rescued in feb) - cat over 1 yr old. Kiko ( got her in feb) - dog, 7 months. blue(rescued in june) - kitten like 4 months or so idk
  9. Mine was rc cars. Had a huge hummer that was a couple feet tall. Was in elementary school at the time my brother brang it by and some kid sat on it and broke it the shell of it. That's the only toy I really remember having. Also had like baby dolls that my siblings would toss out the window from the 2nd floor and catch it outside.
  10. Completely agree. Many times people die for simple misclicks, not knowing afk freeze or mishearing an order. Bopping around and not following the order would be kos I assume considering its a delay. I think since delaying and devouring are kos they're should be no need for a warning. Other than that warning should be a must it would stop people from dying at the very start and having to wait 5+ minutes for the round to end because they accidentally jumped or crouched during an afk freeze