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  1. Stay strong girl, dont let him see you upset, if hes gonna be a douche then fuck him and move on. youll find someone better thats more worth your time and deserving of it. Stay motivated and leave his ass.
  2. Yeah she's cute loves pets and def a big help with anxiety and stuff
  3. Love the post, i feel ya nation. i came also from an abusive household, heard alot of fights between my parents, siblings and such to the point i have PTSD over people yelling i just get anxiety and paranoid. It was to the point if someone raised their hand to even wave at me i would be terrified, anyways my mom was my glue and my word, but she got sick with stage 4 brain cancer. shit all seemed hard and like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I ended up moving out to a different city (my mom was in rehabilitation at this point). Started renting a house with my bf, got a new motorcycle and now im the mama of my 2 fur babies (most of you have seen my dog). There is always a positive side just dont always expect things to come to you is what ive learned. Good things happen to those who push for it.
  4. Honestly an easy fix to most lr issues would be cts have to accept the lr similar to if the t was a rebel. This would be an easy fix and make the lrs more fair for both cts and ts. Many lr have the issues yall are taking about such as race, jump contest, knife fights all have an unfair advantage cause the cts can't watch both ts to see what their lrs are
  5. Welcome to the forums, what year is your car looks something around 2012 ( im more for bikes than cars so im just guessing), any mods done to it yet?
  6. I dont own a car anymore
  7. Sky


    I feel like mods should be stepping up and not allowing hiding in places for the whole round just to ask for a pardon, kind of sucks because many times you do see the rebel getting lr and the other player who been actively following orders loose to a game of math trivia or such. I do like pardons especially on new maps there has been times ive jumped around my cell and randomly get teleported not even knowing its a secret or whats to come. Having pardons can definitely fasten gameplay especially when it does come to finding that last rebel hiding somewhere, but overall favoritism is not allowed so if 1 t gets pardon all the rest should be allowed to have pardons also.
  8. Sky

    Auto Hopping

    Would def +1 for auto bhop on mg, especially cause alot of maps have a bhop minigame that most cant do.
  9. Sky

    Auto Hopping

    Server has it to be easier to bhop than most, but doesnt have auto hop. Tbh with the way the bhop stands it is quite easy to use it to rebel. I doubt auto hop would ever be added to jb beacuse it makes it too easy to bhop and gain alot of speed. Trick to bhoping is just use mwheeldown as your jump.
  10. Sky


    Pizza - Can change everything about it - toppings, sauce so it tastes different each time and you cant get tired of having same flavours
  11. Sky


    This is very much similar though to having a smoke that gives u a face on maps, so on spy vs spy. cts remember who had that face, if you throw the smoke and see u dont have the face anymore they most likely will kill you. In this situation i seen his top hat and a black player skin model go ontop of the cells both are distinctive of who did it. no one else had those 2 features so it was pretty obvious it was him. You can ask people how did they know they can easily lie and say they saw your name, not really a way to regulate this rule tbh.
  12. Hey guys, I noticed a lot of you have been asking where i've been and why i haven't been around. Just trying to figure my life out and make moves in a good direction for myself. Ive been busy and havent been able to play and i just dont want to feel guilty for not being online and doing my job as a mod or even a member ive just been trying to cut down on the stress around me. Sorry guys it was fun and all but i need to do whats best for me and ill still stop by every once in awhile.
  13. Sky

    Mod+ Meeting

    I wont be attending, i have school and im already behind and late submitting assignments. Sorry for being inactive lately
  14. Sky


    I honestly hate people say go to my spray and then they move and be like I didn't say everytime, or first t to answer the trivia question and they pick someone who answered wrong because they didnt say it needs to be answered correct, the last one is cheating during map games, such as obstacle courses and the order is first t out get lr, and ts run to the end and is like I win. I think these all cause issues upon gameplay and definitely make an unfair advantage for people who are regulars on the servers. The way ts are dying are wordplay orders/grey areas, usually all the new players die first and alot of gp and regulars always live.