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  1. If this happens at the start, i know if you spam to join a certain team, you spawn in but after a few seconds you just die.
  2. Sky

    Jailbreak Clips

    Ive been saving these clips from when I was alot more active and while I was cleaning my computer today I found these gems. Hope yall enjoy. @[email protected]@The [email protected] Love you guys Cha Cha slide.mp4 Clip 1.mp4 Clip 2.mp4 Clip3.mp4
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    Sorry Fam

    Lol it posted as I’m a guest, whoops
  4. Trim it you lumberjack.
  5. LOL that was the point to confused you, just mean hello how are you, welcome to the community..... i think not sure i said it right xD
  6. Bonjour, Comment ça va? Bienvenu au communauté
  7. Just to add onto what we have said, if you have any good work examples for this job, be more professional than most and create a whole portfolio to broadcast the work you have done. Portfolios are a great way to stand out especially when talking to a manger
  8. Based off what I learned about Resumes Table format is always a no go. You points about what you did at the job honestly dont seem that professional use the star method - Situation, Task, Action, Result For example " Managed time so as to perform duties efficiently and quickly." is a bit weird to read, it doesn't sound right. I would personally use a proper function resume ( highlights abilities, and skills) Also at the end of Additional activities im kinda confused what that date is considering its different from the top and doesn't say anything If you are applying online you definitely need to get rid of the table and you can use the website to help match it to a job posting Add a personal summary about what you did if you get rid of the table that way it instantly points out who you are and what you can do. But I personally think you should do a bit more research into building your resume especially if your trying to get into a more professional job.
  9. I graduated recently with an Social Service Worker Diploma and I work retail part time but now im going back to college For ECE (Early Childhood Education) and have a job lined up in a community center for when I graduate.
  10. I was raised to do the same, expect we just put some milk, salt, butter. Honestly i never heard of putting sour cream, cream cheese or even ranch in your mash potatoes
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    My whole family drives Audi LOL we have 2 a6, an a4 and an S4. im trynna be different and not join them soooo im good, that and im broke
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    -1 this is now a lie, as of today i drive nothing -.- i hate my life rip lexus. #thankyouNEXT
  13. Two words: Life and College. So im going to make a long story short for whats my struggle. Im broke, im going back to college, as some of you may know my mom does have a terminal cancer, College is 1.5 hour away which i gotta drive daily, i need to get a new car as much as i love my little baby i need something bigger so my mom doesn't keep hitting her head every time she gets in, so i gotta drive 3 hours for school and balance school,work, doctor appointments, medical treatments. been doing this for about a year now but oh my lord life is too much sometimes. But i do really like the idea of this forum post and its nice to see im not the only struggling with some issues. love yall
  14. My worst job would be working in a family pizza parlour, there was like 3 sisters who would always be either yelling or fighting or something on shift, we could have customers at the front counter and them yelling in the back. They’re also were a bunch of fights between staff and customers because they don’t get a free 80 cent dip with their pizzas. I then went on vacation for weeks and got fired for apparently stealing money when all I was doing was tucking the laces back into my shoes. And it was all min wage, you only got paid once a month and half the time it wasn’t even the full pay check it would only be part of it, the business was sooo sketchy that they never did receipts and all the cash money like 20$ plus was put into a cupboard and basically then pocketed by the owner with no trace or claims so he never paid proper taxes