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  1. Fucking boneless blazing wings with boneless BBQ wings and ranch MM YES THATS THE FUCKING GOOD STUFF
  2. Funny Title HAHA How's it Been guys
  3. Hey indi this a donation question is it possible that a developer can make a bot that gives you your transaction id so when you donate you get a email from the bot giving you your id? Also I donated with cc so ye.
  4. Lol I have no internet at the house where my computer is and im assuming that I won't have it for month I will be on the discord but yeah so kinda stinks also I'm using my mobile data so no questions of how I posted this. Autist. ♡♡♡♡♡
  5. Aight spud see ya bruh just get the coochy ok Man?
  6. I'm a drug addict to Counter-Stike:Source Right now its just a good for bopping surfing and right when I found jailbreak I was addicted forever I don't think ima come out of this addiction help me.
  7. Hello I'm AutisticChild I like this community its pretty fun I like the community there are some annoying people sometimes but mostly good and i play jailbreak i like it lot of fun and I'm here to stay for now Love Yall.
  8. Why I choose to suggest this?, Its easy most of the Counter Strike community is on CSGO i think this community will grow more by upgrading jailbreak like think of it cs source is 10 bucks (i bought it for 2) most people don't have source guess what? CSGO is free more people can join better graphics and overall its a win win situation but there is a problem to it actually 1 small problem and 1 big problem the small on is bopping wont be the same Cs Source physics is really good for bopping But csgo source engine is heavily modified and really kills bhopping. The big one you may ask? The hours and hours of coding and and modifications you need to put in it will take a while. I hope you consider this Thanks!
  9. I fucking sucked ass I still do but not that much I got ct banned and yeah thats it Over all great experience 10/10 would recommend.
  10. Goodbye chaos you were fun to play with see you soon.