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  1. +1 i dont see why this wouldnt be a good idea, seems like a nice addition, especially because warden doesnt have much customization anyway so might aswell add somethin
  2. im doing okay been a little inactive though recently cus some things, but over all i'd say its better than what it could be for sure
  3. (CONTEXT): Slighty got slapped lol
  4. Whats your favorite way chicken is prepared for a meal? Orange chicken is so good.......
  5. Cowfee


    Actually i flip butterfly knives, Origami, Balloon animals, 3D modeling, song animations, and Virtual Reality stuff a lot. I own a Benchmade 51 Morpho butterfly knife (its my baby) i started doing balloon animals when i was around... 9 or 10 because i wanted something to cheer up the other kids i lived with I started origami when i was around 7 or 8 because it gave me something to do at school that wouldnt get me in trouble 3D modeling was much more recent, around 2017 for video games and mods i would help make, song animations go along with the mods and such back in 2014 i was an owner of an Oculus Rift DK2, but now i own a VIVE Vr and play games like pavlov, vrchat, blade and sorcery and ect ect.
  6. Cowfee

    Favorite Candy

    Candy....all candy.... its so good................. more...
  7. Cowfee


    ohh puppies! I own 4 dogs, a 1 year old, 2 year old, 7 year old, and 8 year old. They're all mixed breeds. 2 of them are chihuahua Yorkie's and 2 of them are chihuahua Terriers. My favorite one is my black chihuahua terrier named Zoe (Zoey), we used to breed for puppies to make money, and both times i delivered the puppies with her. my other three are Griffin, Magnus, and Sebastian, they all cuties.
  8. Cowfee


    I have a tattoo!!! I have a dark shaded rose on my under left arm that says "Choose Life" in the stem. the back story is quite sad so i'll spare you from that lol. Suicide Awareness
  9. Cowfee

    Music taste?

    I always ask this question to the people i play with, so might as swell just make a discussion for it! What type of music do you listen do and what bands/artists would you recommend? I personally listen to a lot of metal and hiphop/rap. Korn has got to be my favorite band for sure.
  10. Around last December i got my hands on a GTX 1660 TI, and so far tbh i love it.. idk where all the hate for the 16 series came from, seems decent to me!
  11. Cowfee

    Best Warden

    thats honestly rough, but... if i had to choose its gotta be Daddynoob or Toxic. Toxic is fun and likes to joke around, always makes a good time. and Noob is more of a bad cop kinda warden, makes things challenging but still fun for sure
  12. Hey!!! its meeee Cowfee. You'll see me on the Jailbreak server on CSS, though i dont usually use my microphone so im almost always T I play a few other games, but i always find myself playing CSS whenever im bored, i like coming back to see all my friends on the jailbreak server early in the mornings.. im looking forward to meeting more of u guys, ya'll are awesome BTGGF