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  1. i can no longer play in the tournament
  2. as long as nothing comes up i'm down
  3. first memory: flaming lordofthedepths with the scout on pub
  4. i remember when i was warden on carceris and i told indi to go back in his cell because he was in isolation and left early, and he started yelling at me saying i couldn't do that shit. (couldn't tell him to go back into his cell) i told him it wasn't in the rules (which it wasn't nor did any rule signify i couldn't) and the other players on the server were all saying the same thing my man literally edited the message of the day as we were still playing and added the rule >>>[B32] CT's cannot order T's to go back into cells<<< the same game session i was playing carceris, as a CT i was following a T into armory secret and i killed them in the small tunnels directly leading to armory. afterwards i break the vent secret to get out and indi slays me on the spot, with no time to even tell me what i did apparently those are two different secrets and i can't break the vent to get out because it isn't considered the same secret. before this i had never seen anyone get slain for this or heard such a bullshit reason for me to get slain and i'm almost positive indi did it because he was still upset about me making him go back into his cell a few rounds prior and adding a rule. anyways those are just a few examples of some dumb shit i have seen happen in GP. adding on to what tex said anyone here who has some level of authority will use that to their own gain, it doesn't matter how small i have seen almost every mod+ on deck pull some retarded shit that would not fly with normal players. this is a turnoff as a casual and i think its ridiculous that this community is over half a year old and stuff like this is still going on. get it together or fire all your shitty mods, half of them are a joke anyways and are just people who have been active on the server and have no idea how to actually maintain order for the idiot who says that this community is doing fine you must be new, because trust me it wasn't always this shitty. so many pointless rules that exist every time an issue comes up because the only way this community knows how to deal with things is to just add more rules so all their bases are covered which subsequently leads to more scenarios as for onG leaving you guys give him so much shit and at the end of the day you are just at his neck 24/7 because he's nice at source. i got on the last few minutes of razor when he was on and from what i saw you guys were basically nitpicking, looking for anything to call him out for just because he was playing CT and doing it well. some childish shit if you can't handle playing as a T and dealing with the consequences of rebelling as for the whole point farming on pub i'm pretty sure everyone who has played pub to a certain amount knows that onG isn't shit at the game. dude knows what he's doing and is good at it. tbh kinda petty if you're gonna check logs of someone who is known in the community for being good at resetting their score.. guess it just goes back to people in power doing what they do best sad to see a brother bounce but in all honesty there really isn't any reason to stay given his situation. at the end of the day it boils down to css players being salty that there's someone else better than them
  5. the majority of you losers complaining about bad CTs refuse to switch teams, some pussy shit
  6. i've never had a good relationship with my parents. they have always been strict but there were times where they were just being irrational. multiple times they have said to my face, "i don't love you", or "i wish you weren't my son". my junior year was when things started to go south. my senior year of high school was one of the lowest points of my life. that year, my best friend's boyfriend died back in 2017 due to heart complications. he was 18. her boyfriend was a good friend of mine (we played basketball together) and seeing her hurt so much really got to me. i won't get into details, but the same week he died i got into an argument with my dad over something petty, and when my dad found out her boyfriend died, he said some pretty mean stuff about her boyfriend which weren't even true, which ticked me off. things elevated, and the following monday CPS was at my school (for reasons unmentioned). i was terrified of going home that day. i came home to my dad screaming at me and smashing things, and everything was just a huge mess. i happened to have an appointment after school that day so i caught a lucky break. my dad took my phone so i couldn't talk to anyone. after the appointment my dad had to go get my little brother, so he dropped me off at home and left. this was my chance. i grabbed a hoodie, water bottles, and my penny board and dipped. i told my older brother that i was going to my youth pastor's house so if he wanted to find me i'd be there. it was only roughly 5 minutes before i heard police sirens in my neighborhood. (the hoodie was to switch clothing because i was sure he would call the police and describe what i was wearing) i skated through some of the worst neighborhoods to get to my youth pastor's house, keep in mind in the middle of the night, with nobody knowing where i was and no way to contact me. as i couldn't skate on the highway, there were times where i was on main roads and really just wanted to jump off of my board and jump in front of an incoming car. after four hours of riding my board i finally arrived around midnight. it was only after i had gotten to my pastor's house when i found out there were police officers from 3 different towns looking for me, as well as members from my church. the next day my whole class was going to my best friend's house to help console her, by just hanging out with her and singing worship songs. (yeah, i'm a christian) my friends had come to my house to pick me up, oblivious to anything that had happened so i just had to fake a smile. when we got to her house, however, i just sat there. i couldn't bring myself to sing or even look anyone in the eye. people asked me what was up but i would just tell them i wasn't feeling well. only one of my friends was aware of the hell i had been through in the past 24 hours, but he didn't mention anything. i really owe it to him for being there for me in one of my darkest times as well as the rest of my senior year. if it wasn't for him i probably would have committed suicide months ago. for most people their senior year of high school is a year where they try to enjoy what time they have left at high school and get ready for college. for me, i was looking for reasons on a daily basis as to why i shouldn't just kill myself. this is how things were until i graduated. my dad even said to my face that he wasn't coming to graduation the day before. (of course, he went to save face) i've never been medically diagnosed with severe depression but this is as real as it gets. at times i wanted to take my mom's credit card, purchase a handgun and just shoot myself in the face in front of my family. i'm thankful for the people around me that God has put in my life that have been an encouragement/have lifted me up. i am definitely in a better place now in my life, and continue for things to appreciate in life, something that is so finite and precious. i'm no therapist but if you ever need someone to talk to, add me on steam. my DMs are always open, and i'm all ears. i know from what you've seen on the servers i come off as a goofball messing around on JB or owning indi on pub with the scout, but i am not new to struggling with trials alone nor will i turn a blind eye from someone who is hurting. there are people out there who care about you. it isn't easy to go to people and reach out, but it lightens the burden. i'm glad there are people on GP who have a sense of transparency and are willing to share and talk.
  7. of course, melee is one of my favorite games. when i said i hope you were joking, i meant that you referred to the smash bros as your favorite franchise. smash bros is a game made up of nintendo franchises lmao, i wouldn’t call it a franchise, more a series
  8. people who think the awp is better than the scout
  9. i was pretty borderline on joining gamepunch. i enjoy playing on the servers and have met some pretty chill people. i know i wasn't a member for that long but it just wasn't a good fit for me. i won't get into specifics here so add me if you want to talk about it. i will continue to play on the servers and try to make it to meetings, etc. there is a possibility i will reapply for member in the future but for now i will be renouncing my status. cuong
  10. pro overwatch player. enjoy playing the game but i'm only in masters + not viable career with college
  11. race is one of the few LRs you get to flex your bhop skills on other players. i don't think it should be removed completely, just changed so that the end point of the race is blatant to the CT.