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  1. Damn that sucks. Computers be doin the stanky leg sometimes smh.
  2. Dark Souls: Remastered I would give anything to play this game for the first time again. HIGHLY recommend it.
  3. Anything related to food honestly. The weird shit is competitive eating from people named Matt Stonie and Furious Pete, I don't watch any competitions just these guys doing their own thing, mainly because it makes me incredibly hungry. I also watch a cooking channel called Binging With Babish to get inspiration for what to cook because he makes some really good stuff.
  4. Just because you hear it in music, games, movies, etc, gives you no right to say it in game or really anywhere whether its online or irl. If you cannot drop the accent then that is understandable but you NEED to stop swearing so damn often. You have been warned by an admin to cool it on the swearing and after a certain amount of time it gets incredibly annoying. I think all in all, you want to make JB a more pleasant experience, but you need to tone down everything if you want to succeed in making JB more fun.
  5. Razer Mamba Elite and Corsair K55
  6. Restaurants would have to be a Pork Tenderloin. An Indiana classic, can't beat it.
  7. This is a really good idea, but I think if it were to be implemented, it should be limited to Member+ wardens and not non-members. I just feel like non-members would abuse it.
  8. Pretty quiet in college town. Moved away from the big city a while back so there's some getting used to.
  9. I don't know why I didn't make this a month and a half ago but its whatever. Hi my real name is Stuart but my Steam/CS persona is Alexis Texas. I am 18 years old (in college rn) and I have lived in Indiana my entire life. I have been playing CSS only since 2017 so I do not have the nostalgia for this game some people in GP do. I first played GP Jailbreak in early-mid 2019 but only really got into JB this past summer. I also play other games other than CS which explains my lack of skill (I am also a proud console owner so roast me if you will). Since joining GP, I have gotten to know many people and had fun doing so. So that's all I got hope to see you all in game!
  10. This is something I have heard other members complain about, and I don't really understand all the fuss about it. Members knowingly sign up and are required to wear the GP tag, so if you don't want to wear it, don't join GP, simple as that.
  11. Resident Evil 3 Remake that came out this year. Literally spent the full $60, got up at 2am to download it, played it and finished it in sub 5 hours. Got my refund but I was absolutely disgusted by the whole thing.