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  1. quip

    CSGO Jailbreak

    I wouldn't mind giving it a try I guess. I just worry it might kill the CS:S jailbreak.
  2. Next to CSS, I've been having a lot of fun in Skyrim recently. I miss my old character but having a fresh start is really nice.
  3. can get one from the cells
  4. why an auto sniper tho? would've been more efficient to nade and use a rifle
  5. quip

    Taunt Suggestions

    Let me see what you have! A knife! NO! whY DOnt we Just RELAXx anD tuRN on the rAdio? Meet The Team jingle (TF2) I hate myself Still a piece of garbage
  6. Prop hunt is seriously fun even when you're just sitting there. Highly recommend!
  7. quip


    Prop hunt's pretty chill, yeah. thanks dude.
  8. fall guys the game is so overrated. played it for like 2 hours to give it a chance even after the boredom set in after the first 30 minutes. was just painful.
  9. Hi I'm quip Used to play CSS a lot back in the day Started playing again recently, lost my old Steam account ages ago so I'm using a new one This place seemed cool