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  1. I have insomnia, I never have a good night.
  2. Suh boi, I remember those days with you. Good shit.
  3. Lookingfor thicc bois to come to my swimming party tomorrow afternoon so I can say hi to some females that walk by. Anyways, good job GP for keeping the Jailbreak community alive. Papa Gaben would be pleased.
  4. Not sure if a thread has been made on it, but what are you watching on YouTube? Any cool, fun, scary, informative, creepy videos you are looking at? Lets build a library of cool videos that people can watch. Here is one I thought was pretty cool:
  5. Good luck, I know what a pain in the ass moving is. Hope everything gets to your new place in one piece.
  6. Hey Indi, make a YouTube and Meme's section so I can bless up, thanks homie. [unless I cant see it cause im a normie]
  7. Thanks, by chance do you guys have air conditioning? The last place I lived at didn’t and it was hard to get anything done with all the hot air.
  8. Wow the whole "EgN is coming to GP" thing yeah wow funny. Nah I'm here to play JB when I have the time and to see some old friends. Kek, cool, love you Indi, needy i know you hang around these parts, also wheres my locker?