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    Loot Boxes

    Removed Added keycards to shop instead
  2. @lordofthedepths I consider everything - so thank you for the suggestion! Changing from 5X to 2X would require everyone's input as it would be a major change to the server. That being said, I have heard that 2x/3x servers get more population, so that is a major +1 IMO.
  3. Skooma

    Loot Boxes

    Hey all, Please comment below on what should be added/removed from the loot table. So far the only loot box to be complete is the car parts tray. Click here for a list of crates and what is inside by default. Remember that the amounts are 3x for loot on our server.
  4. Hey all, I would like to know everyone's current thoughts about the server. What do you like? What do you not like? What do you want to see? Is there something that should be removed? ---- As of today, 1/11, I would like to move the server's wipe schedule to every 6 days, and move the map from a 4000 unit map to a 3250 sized map. Here are comparisons of both: 4000 3250 Please comment as I need to know everyone's opinion. Thank you
  5. GamePunch Rust 5X Server Rules LAST UPDATED: 4th JAN 2021 Welcome to the community! Listed below are the official rules for the GamePunch Rust 5X server: SERVER GENERAL RULES [A1] Don't disrespect any players/admins. [A2] No mic, text or any other spam allowed. [A3] No exploiting plugins or the map. [A4] Hacking, scripting, or any form of cheating, is strictly not allowed. [A5] If there is an issue regarding a rule, highest admin's discretion is enforced. [A6] Advertising of any kind is not allowed, including in-game names. [A7] Racial slurs and discrimination is not allowed. [A8] Religious/political discussions are not allowed, including harassment. [A9] Do not intentionally lag the server. This list is subject to change. Please stay familiar with this list. WIPE INFO SERVER CURRENTLY WIPES EVERY WEEK, ON SATURDAY. BLUEPRINT WIPES EVERY MONTH, ON THE 1ST. HELPFUL COMMANDS /kit - shows a GUI of available kits /sethome <name> - sets a home with the name of your choice /home list - shows the name of your home in case you forget /tpr - teleport request /tpa - accepts teleport request /ipanel <hide/show> - hides/shows the custom HUD /clearinv - clears your inventory. useful for getting rid of 20 extra rocks. /clan or /clan help - shows clan information /ff - turns on/off friendly fire (damage to teammates) /trade <partial or whole player name> - sends a request to trade with a player, similar to steam trades /voteday - submits a vote to change the time to the beginning of sunrise /autolock - automatically locks doors with a code /ad - automatically closes doors behind you
  6. personally I feel like anyone should be able to choose to retire, regardless of rank...i dont think its that way now but it should be that way.
  7. Skooma

    GP Merch

    these are fire!! i would totally pay for just a regular gamepunch one with the fist and name
  8. Its an older code sir, but it checks out.
  9. Skooma

    How to bhop

    I followed this tut and I still cant bhop logical lied
  10. First Name: Connor Age: 21 Steam ID (CS:S): STEAM_0:1:39464450 Discord ID: richlen99#8359 Gametracker/BattleMetrics Link: gametracker is down today In-Game Name: Skooma Timezone: CST Position you are applying for: Leader How long have you been part of GamePunch?: almost 3 years If member for less than 30 days, who granted you permission to apply?: Glow What qualities do you have that makes you a good fit for leader?: Have money, will pay says the heart of a leader How do you feel you can better the community in this position?: Very smart, plays games, sits in discord AFK. Only seed servers, never play Do you think you work well in a team or alone? Explain why: I work best by myself, i cant stand other people. Do you have any concerns with facing situations on the servers? If so, what? If not, Why?: We should only have fistful of frags servers. Are you familiar with source mod or have any prior experience moderating?: What is a source mod? Is that like Insurgency?
  11. I like the idea but we should try to keep fistful full (haha) for a little longer to gauge interest and focus on that for now, however if there are enough people I could get a private server up ive also played l4d2 like one time so idk much about it
  12. Here are some tips for this game to beginners: You can also click the "HOW TO PLAY: SHOOTOUT GAME MODE" button to learn how to play in an easy 6-page slideshow. You start at this screen when you join the server. Currently, the Desperados team is full. That's ok, there are three other teams! Once you pick a team, you are taken to this screen. Here you are given 11 stars. You may spend these stars on your loadout, and you can change it at any time by pressing "B" in game. Here you can see an example scoreboard: (I'm not doing too well) The scoreboard is ranked based on notoriety. Here you can see me gaining 15 notoriety from an elimination with the Colt Navy 1851. Different weapons will give you different notoriety gains. Use weaker weapons for more notoriety, and stronger weapons for less notoriety. Stronger weapons are better suited for maintaining killstreaks to gain notoriety combos! But wait, I got injured! Will someone pass the whiskey? Look around the map for glowing whiskey bottles to replenish your health. Pick up explosive barrels and other props around the map to throw at people! Take out your fists first (usually "F"), look at the prop and then press your use bind ("E"). Kick props at people to do a lot of damage! Kick is usually "ALT". Don't be afraid you'll damage teammates, you can't! This is what it looks like when you hover over them in your crosshair. You can see what your teammates look like down in your HUD, this is what it looks like as a Bandido, and as a Ranger. I hope this tutorial serves you well! Pass the whiskey!