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  1. Ah yes, Mr. Box Box... professional No Scoper. Welcome to the community!
  2. Welcome! You seem like a great guy, but uh you lost a few points for killing me while I was trying to demonstrate a parkour (jk, luv u) Just make sure you have over 10 hours of accumulative gameplay between GP servers and then you can apply, doesn't have to be 30 days
  3. Not gonna lie I've thought about this a few times, especially with minecraft, but the only thing is that with some games (like minecraft) is that all players would need to be in a discord call or something, but yeah Rust jailbreak seems like it'd be super interesting!
  4. I thought a few things while reading this, but the only that comes up more often is... why? Just why
  5. glxy

    Rule A08

    In my personal opinion, as well as some of the other opinions I have seen so far from others is that I agree that we can't let some go and let others be against the rules. For instance, the N word, I know from my past experience on servers we usually had it to where it was allowed with the "soft a" as long as you weren't using it to insult someone. But the "hard r" was STRICTLY off limits and was an instant day silence. And as for other words such as "faggot", or "retard", same goes for those, I don't see a problem with them as long as you're not using them to insult people. An example that comes to mind (I'm not complaining or trying to get retribution for it), I remember one time me and @Jordi were having a conversation about something because we described something as "retarded", I think we were talking about some sort of movement thing I don't quite remember. But it felt quite dumb that I got a gag for saying that in that context, and then the very next day I find out that it's okay to call someone a retard as long as they're you're friend? It was very confusing. I don't want to keep rambling on, so in short, I think everything should be allowed (Minus the Hard R) as long as it isn't being used to directly insult someone.
  6. Even though it's not exactly on the market quite yet, I would buy the Tesla Roadster. Fastest car in the world, all electric, looks beautiful, perfect dream car.
  7. glxy

    Favorite Games??

    Some good games right there for sure
  8. glxy

    Favorite Games??

    I've always wanted to get into Rust... if I ever cave in and actually buy it, I might get some starting pointers from you. And yes I agree one million percent, MW2 and MW3 were the best games ever made, PERIOD.
  9. glxy

    Favorite Games??

    Yesss Guitar Hero was my absolute favorite when I was younger, I grew out of it though I always did the drummer, I'm huge into drumming.
  10. Tell me about some of your favorite games and why they're your favorite! Personally, I'm in love with both the Counter Strike series and the Call of Duty series. Grew up playing both, from a very young age! They will always have a special place in my heart, even after I leave gaming.
  11. glxy

    Favorite chips

    Alright... but which flavor of Sun Chips??? There's really only one right answer........
  12. Make a new and original JB game, that would be impressive and nice to see.
  13. As far as I know, only the Warden can tell the T's to face a certain direction, and even then the Warden can only do that if he's issuing an "AFK-Freeze" command. In short, only the Warden is allowed to tell the T's, and only when he is issuing an AFK-Freeze command (which is also only available once per round). Hope that helps!
  14. glxy

    Favorite chips

    Shouldn't even be a topic of discussion, Takis are on top and forever will be