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  1. Howdy GP, I recently received great news that I was accepted to the State Troopers program here and will be attending a 27 week long academy starting on the 27th of this month. This is a big move for me in my life and I will be mainly on during the weekends when and if I have spare time. I have no intentions of leaving GP, much love guys.
  2. I always build my computers, is a easy way to figure out what you need and want in your computer.
  3. you are allowed to drive it a certain amount of miles each year
  4. You can only import R34's on a "Show or Display" law, which is for car collectors who want to put them on display in private collections or drive them in a limited capacity to car shows.
  5. Would definitely be down for this, and I think it would help us all bond and socialize in a more relaxed atmosphere together.
  6. I would be tempted to buy a VR just to play this game, looks so cool!
  7. When I was younger I would spend the summers with my cousin and we would play the hell out of GTAIII and GTA Vice City. Some of the best times I had when I was younger.
  8. Steak is by far the best thing ever, but living in Arizona the Mexican food here is fire.
  9. In my opinion one of the most underrated Pantera songs
  10. This is a fairly common thing for me, I've had a few sleep studies done. It can happen a few times a month for me lol
  11. Best of luck Twisted! Hope to play with you again some point soon!
  12. we'll see how the servers do lol whos going to be playing on monday?