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  1. In my opinion one of the most underrated Pantera songs
  2. This is a fairly common thing for me, I've had a few sleep studies done. It can happen a few times a month for me lol
  3. Best of luck Twisted! Hope to play with you again some point soon!
  4. we'll see how the servers do lol whos going to be playing on monday?
  5. whitemane is a PvP west coast server, ill be playing on there but it does say its full currently. I'm also curious to see how lunch goes with all the people, hopefully sharding helps
  6. Did anyone reserve their name yet? if so what server? and what name are you guys rolling with? I'll be on whitemane playing as a hunter named Flakk
  7. really big into war movies, lots of them really hit you in the feelings. - The Longest Day - Saving Private Ryan - We Were Soldiers - Black Hawk Down - Letters From Iwo Jima - The Great Escape - Hacksaw Ridge - The Dirty Dozen - Kelly's Heros - Fury The list goes on really, a lot of these are great stories that really hit hard if you are a patriot
  8. yeah i hope they release a realm list before launch so people can figure out what server to go to.
  9. i know there will be sharding at the launch, blizzard said that is so your not in the starting zone and others for 5 + hours trying to finish quests
  10. Who's going to be playing? What class? Did you play during vanilla? I'm super excited to play again and relive some good memories.
  11. this new slipknot song has been on repeat for me lately, such a killer song!
  12. Best of luck man, hope things work out for you in the long run and thank you for all your support and being there for the community. We will miss you man!
  13. Hey guys just a heads up starting tomorrow I will be at a conference until Thursday night next week. Will see y'all when I'm back
  14. Much love Toxic! Hope things go well for you and we see you again soon